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Ruhaniyaat (Segment 31)

Angel point of view-
I can hear birds singing..
I can feel the cool morning breeze and a strong masculine perfume..
strong masculine perfume..?
I open my eyes at once and notice that i am in the backseat of a car covered in blanket while he and one other guy is up in the front..
“So finally miss sleeping beauty is up..” he says looking at me from the rearview mirror…
“Mmmhhh….but i am still shleepy . .” I mumble and turn to the other side pulling blanket over my face..
Her best friend’s point of view –
I was the one who has been up all night looking after her ..then picking her up and getting her in the car and she is Sleepy..
Great … just great..
Sach main ladkia na..

I hear someone chuckle and turn to see my cousin laughing..
“Kya ” i groan
“Bhabhi achi hain …”
“Chup kar yaar …pitwaega kya..Tu uske bhaiyon ko nai janta….Ek lion toh dusra tiger…”
“Phir bhi tu utha laya na bhai…tu b sher se kam nai hai.”
“Chup kar jaa…. teri bhabhi sun legi .”
He bursts out laughing ..
“Kya hua … sab kyun hass rahe hai..?” She asks rubbing her eyes….
She is just so cute..
“Kuch nai angel tum so jao… abhi pahuchne main 1 hour hain…”
“Aye Aye Captain..” she says with a salute and i smile …
“Bhai …Made for each other….Woooow” my cousin starts again..
“Chup ho ja …main hi maroonga tuze nahi toh…”
We continue our nok jhok and finally reach our hometown..
We get down from the car and everybody stares at Angel ..
I wonder whats wrong …


I turn to look at her …she is in shorts and t-shirts…
Oh my god..!
“Angel tum andar jao car k abhi..” i plead her and finally she gets in the car..
I look at my cousin sister and she understands me..
She takes Angel in from the back door..
We wait at the entrance for her to return and when she does …

P.S This segment is dedicated to Kaza .
I love you

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