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Ruhaniyaat (Segment 28)

Her best friends point of view –
“Are we gonna just drive in silence..?? U know i cant stay silence … wo mouse k sath hota hai na unko continuously kuch bite karna padta hai nai toh unka muh band ho jaega ..same with me…i need to continuously talk nai toh muh band ho jaega..”she says all this in a single breath..
I stare at her in awe..
“How far .??” She asks with a pout …
I cant help but stare at her…
Such cuteness..
“2-3 hours toh lagenge hi..” i purposely exgaggerate to check her reations…
“Lets sing songs..” she says..
Ugghh what an idea sirji..
If i wasnt driving i would have face palmed myself ..cudnt she think of something like she will sleep while I watch her or something…
Or something like she drives while i watch…
“Kya hua captain … already haar man li..?”
She knows which strings to pull
“Rubbish…mai kbi haar nai manta..”
“Acha ji…chalo dekhte hai..”
“Haan …itna hi hai toh tum start karo..”
Angel – Piyu bole piya bole jaanu naa
Jiya dole hole hole,
kyon yeh dole jaanu naa
Me- Not bad, abb yeh suno …
Dil kee jo baate hain,
baate jo dil kee hain
She -Dil hee me rakhana piya
Me -Lab toh naa kholu mai,
kholu naa lab toh par
She -Aakhon se sab keh diya
(Piyu bole, piya bole, kya yeh bole jaanu naa Jiya dole hole hole, kyon yeh dole jaanu naa)
As we crossed the river she sang
She – Ek nadee se maine puchha
itala ke chaldee kaha
Dur tere pi ka ghar hai balkhaake chaldee kaha
Thoda woh ghabraayee, thoda sa sharmaayee
Uchhalee yaha se waha
Saagar se milane kaa usaka jo sapna tha, meree hee tarah piya
Jiya dole hole hole, kyon yeh dole jaanu naa
Piyu bole, piya bole, kya yeh bole jaanu naa
Me- Jiya dole hole hole kyon yeh dole jaanu naa
Maine puchha ek ghata se itara ke chaldee kaha
Pyaas kee baree jamin hai barso bhee tarsaao naa
Thoda woh gurraayee,
thoda sa tharraayee Gajharee yaha se waha
Prit rutha thee phir cham cham, woh barsee hee teree tarah piya
She – (Piyu bole piya bole kya yeh bole jaanu naa Jiya dole hole hole kyon yeh dole jaanu naa)
Together -Piyu bole piya bole jaanu naa
I stared at her until she shrieked and broke my trance…
“Kya hua angel..??”
“Truck aari hai…samne dekho..”
And then i dont know what happened in the next 2-3 mins..
As i had closed my eyes due to fear..
Angel clutched my hand tightly over the steering wheel..
And BOOM..!


P.S Is it an accident..? Is someone dying..,injured maybe??
What about Pie..did she gain consciousness..?
Why dont tou try to frame the next segment of the story and post your predictions in the comment box below..
Thank you..


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