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Ruhaniyaat (Segment 27)

His point of view –
“He.IS.MY.FIANCE.AND.WE.LIVE.TOGETHER” she declares getting all sorts of expressions from the girls…
I stare at her too…
The girls get off me and instantly i grab my clothes.
Putting them on i rush to Pie’s side..
Angry Pie is not good Pie..
I can recall the beach incident..
Her point of view –
I just lost it..

I mean like dance tak theek tha..but kapde utar ne ki kya jaroorat thi..?
“Party is over” i declare and go in to my room
The scene of the hall reminds me of my childhood ..
I remember Dad was always surrounded by girls…
Mom getting angry on them…
Going for drugs..
When she cudnt get them harrasing me…
A shiver runs down my body as i remember mom
His point of view –


I hear Pie scream and rush toh her room…
She was sprawled on the floor turning and twisting from side to side..
I picked her up and placed her gently on the bed..
“Pie…bacha…its okay …”
She sat up and sobbed in my chest..
“Jaan..” she flinched at my words
She pushed me with all her might and ran out of the room…
Luckily for us all her friends had been understanding and had left..
She tried to open the main door but i held her in time..
I gave her a glass a water..

“Jaan…please have this …calm down .” She threw the glass
She again started to run to the balcony steppin on the glass on the process.
“He will find me and hurt me” ..she kept on repeating the lines frantically..
“Jaan..listen to me please…” my voice choking at the end … my heart pained to see my life in such a bizzare state..
“Dont ….dont call me that…” she began breathing heavily..
She tripped over the coffee table and collapsed on the sofa.
Calm down Dex dont panic…You have to stay strong for your Pie .

The thought of my Pie being scared of something rather someone riled up anger in me..
I wanted to kill the person who was the reason for my Pie’s misery..
I touched her cheek and she calmed down instantly like even in this condition she could recognise me and my touch..
” I am here for you baby…i will never let anything happen to you..
I will protect you…I promise”
I called up Doc and he rushed home…

“She had a panic attack Jhonny ..Even now she is facing its aftermaths…” explains doc
When i dint reply …Doc settled himself beside and gently patted my shoulder reassuring me that my Pie will be fine..
“Hopefully Doc ..” i murmur
“Take care of your girl Jhonny…i don’t want anything to happen to her ..and jhonny take care of yourself too ..” with that he leaves..

P.S This chapter is dedicated to shagun because her curiosity encouraged me to write this chapter.

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