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Ruhaniyaat (Segment 25)

Her point of view-
“Yaar wo jo hall book kia tha usmai last moment par kuch problem aa gayi hai” said my friend over the phone sobbing…
“Abh kaha karein party ..? Invitations are out..” said my other friend over confrence..
“Mere ghar aajao..” i say ..
Soon all my girlfriends are at my house..
Dex has gone to college and from there he will go to office for the confrence …so we wont get busted .
Yes.. we haven’t told anyone about our engagement ..
Only our bestfriends know it..
Its not that i am shy but its kinda weird…

His point of view-
I can hear girls screaming and shouting ..
What is happening in my house..? Have i reached a wrong address ..??
Nai yaar flat number toh mera hi hai..
Khol kar hi dekh leta hun…
“Arey yaar…chabhi ..shit…..” i curse myself..
I ring the bell..
Her point of view-
I hear all the girls squeal and so i rush out to the living room …
I find a confused and shocked Dex with all my girlfriends surrounding him..
“Aww babes … you gave me the best gift..Jhonny as the stripper is just awesome..” she says giving me a hug..
“Parr…??” I try to reason
“Yes babes what is a bachelor party without any strippers ..and he is hot..” she says with a wink..
I narrow my eyes to slits and look over at Dex..mentally asking him as to what is he doing here..
He looks at all the girls and then back at me ..
He widens his eyes in shock..
Till the time we had the little exchange between us the girls had already reached upto Dex and were now pulling his clothes..
Someone had switched on the music to an item number and were now pulling Dex to the center of the room with them..
Uhh..oh no…!
His point of view –
The girls began undressing me slowly…
I looked over to Pie for help …but she was equally shocked as me..
They were pulling my tie now

Suddenly the music starts to play..
Main lovely ho gayiaan
Naam tera padh ke,
naam tera padh ke
Main lovely ho gayiaan
Naam tera padh ke naam tera
Ghar aaya mera sohna sajan
Ghar aaya mera sohna sajan
Ghar aaya mera sohna sajanGhar aaya mera… (haaye) sohna sajan
My blazer is pulled down too girls started close dancing with me….
Yeh jo bangle hai re laal colour ki
Tere liye hi khan khan karke
Inn haathon mein naache jaaye re
Inhe nasha chadha hai tera
Tu bann jaa aashiq mera
Tune chhuaa hai aise Main kamli…
Its getting really awkward with Pie in the same room with all girls givin me suggestive looks..
Somebody save me..
Her point of view –
What the hell…???
They have reached to his shirt ..i need to do something..before something bad happens ….
“Stoppppppppp ” i yell as loudly as i can..
All heads turn towards me…
“He.IS.MY.FIANCE.AND.WE.LIVE.TOGETHER” i declare getting all sorts of expressions from the girls…


P.S The previous episode was Ted’s point of view..He is Pie’s best friend and he calls her Doll..andthe other girl is Angel..she is not Pie

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