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Ruhaniyaat (Segment 23)

I saw the whole room upside down and Dex in the corner of the room under the table.shivering..crying…
I hopped about things…trying to dodge the broken pieces of glass and other hurtful things..
I reached Dex and kneeled down before him..
“Why are you here Pie …Go away..”..he said with tears in his eyes.
“Dex …baby come out..come to me..” i said extending my hand for him to grab..
When he dint budge i scooted closer to him and cupped his cheek..
He gazed in my eyes questioningly..
“We are in this together …remember ?? ” I said giving the best smile possible..
He shook his head and i pulled him out and went to get the first aid kit..

His point of view-
I saw her walk to the cabinet in my study to get the first aid..
She came back and gently wiped the tears from my face…kissed my forhead and led me to the bed..
She cleant my wounds and bandaged them..
“Lie down baby ” and i did as i was told.
She reached down to my feet and removed the pieces of glass..
She winced as she carefully removed them…trying her best not to hurt me…
I watched her as tears brimmed her eyes and she began to cry…
My heart ached to see my beautiful baby crying…all because of me..
Anger started to rise in me ..thinking about me as the cause of her tears..
She kept the first aid kit on the side table and tucked me in bed..as she was about to leave i held her hand and asked ” Where are you going..? ”
She just smiled and replied that she was going over to the other side of the bed..
She then slowly pulled the blanket out and lied down beside me..
I turned to her and caressed her hair gently..
“I am sorry baby …I ruined your evening..”

Her point of view-
I felt his body stiffened so i looked up at him..
His face clearly showed anger.
“Its okay baby…dont get angry on yourself…let go ..” i said rubbing his arms gently…
I heard him take a deep sigh before his hands went back to my hair …massaging them gently..
I drifted off to sleep with his fingers doing magic in my hair..
His point of view-
I saw her close her eyes and finally drift off to sleep..
I continued to caress her hair not wanting to wake her up..
After i was sure that she was asleep …i pulled her closer and allowed my thoughts to wander..
My Pie …my baby
How did i get so lucky..??
She had the capacity to stir a lot of emotions in me…
Slowly she was becoming my weakness as well as my strength..
I wonder what would i ever do if she left me..
She snuggled into my chest propably feeling cold from the A.C in the room
My baby was very sensitive to cold..
She could feel cold anytime and anywhere and little climate change would land her up in a day full of tissues with a cute red nose ..
I quickly switched off the A.C as i saw her take a deep sigh and shift in her sleep..
I smiled at her antics and closed my eyes for sleep to taks over me.
Her point of view-
I woke up to alarm ringing in my phone..
I quickly shut it off… not wanting to disturb Dex …
As if…
Dex is a heavy sleeper and i guess even drums cant wake him up …
Fir alarm toh bahut choti cheez hain..!
(Still alarm is a small thing)

I tried to wriggle out of bed…usually Dex would turn away and let me get up but today..
He dosent seem to move..
My desperation to go to the washroom was increasing every minute…..
I tried my best to wriggle again …and he pulled me back upto his chest..
“No Pie No…!” He said..
“Baby i need to..” oh god..! Why cant he understand my urgency..!
“Dex..let me go..”
I looked over to Dex to realise that he was asleep..his eyes shut tightly..
He was gripping the bedsheets with one hand while he tried to pull me closer with the other
“You can’t go…don’t go….noo….you will kill me….no…
Don’t leave me..” he mumbeled
It was then i realised that he was having a nightmare..
“Dex” i tried to shake him..i knew better than to wake him up abruptly..
He dint respond .
“Dex” i nearly shouted..
His breath was laboured and he was panting against my skin..
“What.? ” he asked after he rolled over on his back..
His eyes were alarmed..as his face showed shock..
I rolled over to him..resting his head on my chest..I took him in my arms..
Rubbing his back I remained silent …not wanting to ask him about his nightmare…
I know he will tell me eventually..
I allowed him to relax while i kept rubbing his back .
His point of view-
Pie was leaving me…She was walking away..
No she cant do that…she will kill me..
Then i heard Pie call out to me and i got up with a sudden jolt..
Still confused between reality and dream i looked at her ..
She just smiled and took me in her arms.

Finally the reality started to set in …
I was in my house.
In my bed.
With my beautiful to be wife.
“Please tell me that you are here” i requested her to get assured about the reality..
“Yes sweetheart ..I am right here..” she said and kissed my forhead..
“Lets just cuddle up in bed today” ..
“Sorry can’t … have to attend a bachelor party of my friend”
“So..is your this friend more important than me….?”
She was walking over to the bathroom when she stopped and turned around..
“Yes she is…with you only my surname will change and not my personality..so yes..! I feel she is important .she is my extended family..and my family means everything to me…..besides it is an important day of her life and obviously i cant miss it..” and she walked over to the bathroom
I stood on my place rooted.shocked.mesmerised and what not.
Her charm never failed to amaze me..
Making me fall for her everyday..

P.S sincere thanks to everybody who have been commenting lately
U guys really make my day..
Thank u so much..

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