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Ruhaniyaat (Segment 21)

His point of view-
“Pie wo..”
“Yes baby” she replies with a smile..
“Wo..wo…kuch nai…Mai John k ghar jara hun..
Bye shonu” …with that i kiss her cheek and head to meet my love …my bhai …my best friend..
The family dinner is coming up and i dont know how to tell Pie about it…
I dont want it to happen but i know its necessary …as she will be meeting the whole family …
I tried dodging out the last one with an excuse of meeting but i dont know whether i can do it this time..
“Hey Buddy…” john greeted me..
Well u know he has that lover boy kinda image..so we gave him the nickname John
We both are the inseprable “J”
“Arey wapas aaja Jamin par ..
bhabhijaan k khayalon se bhar aaja oye” he teases..
Yaa he knows everything about me ..he literally reads me like a book..
He calls Pie bhabhijaan and dont ask me why .
Its his stupid logic..i dont think anyone can beat him in his stupidity.

Her point of view-
Ring ring ring…my phone goes..
I look up to see its j..
Y is he calling me..?
Yea i know j aka john ..
He is dex best friend and he cant keep quiet about it…he loves to boast about his best friend..
“Namaste Bhabhijaan.” He says from the other end..
“C’mon J stop calling me that it makes me feel old”…i whine…
“Ohh Bhabhijaan you will always be hot and s*xy for me.” And i hear Dex growling in the baground..
“Acha abh bataoge why did you call..?” I enquire..
“Acha iss ko kya hua hai khoya khoya chand bana kyun ghum raha hai ..?? Aapne mara kya…?” And he bursts out laughing and i laugh too
“Pata nai .. kuch hua toh nai …maybe he is tired…kal late night kam karra tha..”
“Yeh kya kar lia aap logo ne… shaadi se pehle …ohh my god..!! Hey maa mataji..!” he exclaims dramatically..
And the thought of what he is referring to instantly makes me blush..
“Arey mazak karra tha…aaahh …ouch..Bhai please..” and the line goes dead..
I realise what might have happened Dex would have picked up a friendly fight with John…as usual..
Half an hour later Dex pulls up in the driveway and heads directly to his room..
I follow him to ask him whats wrong and as i was about to knock on his door he opens it as if on cue and hugs me tight..
I hugged him back instantly..
His nose nuzzled my cheek and the side of my neck as i rubbed his back.


His point of view-
“Come lets sit down..” she said gently tugging at my hand and walking up to the bed …
“Sit down” she said and pushed my shoulders down gesturing me to sit down..
She interwined her hands with mine and kissed the back of my palm..
I moved higher up on the bed and gestured her to join me..
I side hugged her and rested her head on my chest. ..keeping our interwined hands on my lap.
“Do you want to talk about it .?” She asked me gently ..
I nodded my head in agreement ..
“Then talk baby … I got you..” she cooed..
“I cant do this” I told her and as the words tumbled out of my mouth i cant hold my tears anymore and i began to sob ..
“Shh baby …its okay i am with you.” She says and wipes my tears away from my face…

Her point of view –
It pains me to see Dex so much in pain..I feel helpless..so damn helpless.
My thoughts are broken when he says
“There is something i want to tell you ..but i am afraid …that it will scare you and you will leave me…”
He shifted and rested his head on my chest..and looked at me ..
I smiled down at him and started caressin his hair gently .motivating him to continue..
“I assure you baby nothing can seprate us..now tell what is it..?”
He snuggled deeper in my chest and pulled me closer to him..
He straddled me by placing his one leg between my legs while he trapped my other leg with his free one ..
“I am afraid Pie …I am afraid to face people Pie…i have a social disorder..” he said …his voice slightly muffled as his face was burried in my neck..
His point of view-
I was afraid to look at her …to her disapointed face..
i shut my eyes tightly as my heart clenched as my beautiful fiance body stiffened beaneath me and her soothing hands stopped massaging my head..

So is this the end of the story..?
Will Pie leave him..?

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