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Ruhaniyaat (Segment 17)

Her point of view-
I was so damn angry at that b***c ..
How dare she..?
I saw her staring Dex since the moment we walked in..and has been staring at him since then …
Staring was okay i knew what effect Dex had on girls…with his well toned abs…his flat stomach …athletic built ..
Oh just shut up ..i scolded my conscience yet again as she began drooling Dex ..
She had this funny habbit of doing that since the day she saw him at the cafe.
But right now i was angry and had focus to on that…
I could drool over Dex for a life time after all he was all mine …
I quickly walked upto that b***c to shout at her but when i saw her leaning in for kiss .. I COMPLETELY LOST IT..
I punched her right in the face and she fell back on the sand…
I jumped on top of her pulling her hair and kicking her ..
Her boyfriend tried to save her …
But backed away when i hissed at him..
Suddenly from the back two hands grabbed my waist and i was thrown over the shoulder

His point of view-
I was shocked
Okay it may be an understatement..
What i really mean was that i was much more above shocked..
My little kitten had punched that girl and now was pulling her and kicking her…
Oh god..!
She looked like a fierce tigress now..
If i dint stop her now…things will get out of control..
Maybe she would even kill her..
I looked over to the guy he seemed as helpless as i was
I signalled him to try to stop her..but his attempt went futile when my Tigress growled at him..
Oh god.! How s*xy she looked when she was angry .
What a major turn on..
I smacked myself and proceeded to pull her away…
I picked her up in my arms while she struggled to get out but obviously i was stronger..
I lifted her over my shoulders and proceeded towards the car..
She kept screaming and kicking all along..

Finally when we are in the car i hug her tight…she begins to cry..
Aah..i so hate it ..but i also know that its the best things for her right now…
“Shhh Sweetheart its alright…!” I say wiping the tears off her face .
She sniffs and hugs me tight..” I dint like the way she touched you ” she complains..
My lips turn into a smile realising my little tigress is posessive about me..
“Look at me princess” i say and cup her face in my palms..
“I love love love love you and nothing i mean nothing can change that..” i say..
She smiles shyly and as i lean in to kiss her..
“I love you too Dex” she says against my lips ..

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