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Ruhaniyaat (Segment 14)

Her point of view –
My sleep was broken by a ringing sound ..
I wake up to see Dex ‘s phone ringing on the bedside table…
I hear noise from the bathroom and call out to him but he dosen’t hear my voice above the shower..
The phone starts to ring again..I look over and see “doc calling” ..

I lift the call up and head out …
Doc- “where the hell have you been..?”
Me – “i … uuhh..”
Doc – “Where is jhonny..? Who are you ..?”
Gathering up courage i speak in the phone..
Me- “i am his fiance ..u can tell me Whats Wrong..?
Doc – “ohh..i am not sure if i can tell you over the phone ..Can you come over to the clinic..” hesitantly..
Me- “okay..! I will just call you up from my number ..”.
I hear Dex coming so i quickly put the phone back in place..
I go over to the kitchen and pretend to cook breakfast..


His point of view –
As i walked out of the bathroom with a towel around my waist ..i looked at my empty bed.
She was up .!
I went to the kitchen she was beating eggs ..
I went over to her and snaked my arms around her …
Holding her hand in mine . I trailed wet kisses over her tshirt..
She turned over to me..shock clear and evident on her face..
“Dex..! Go put some clothes on” she murmed closing her eyes …
I took a step closer to her…she stepped back…I grabbed her and placed her on the kitchen counter..
Kissing her…she kissing me back…
My wet chest wetting her tshirt ..
I continued to kiss her lips..butterfly kisses…soft and gentle bites…

Her point of view –
His kiss wasn’t like the other night …Hungry…this time it was filled with passion…
He pulled apart and cupped my face..
“Are you my girlfriend now Pie .?” He asked out of the blue
I remebered the girl from the river side and instantly said “no”
“What then ” he asked his eyes still fixed on mine
“Nothing..! We are just friends” i pulled away … not wanting to confront him when all i wanted was to kiss him like there was no tomorrow..
“Pie…” he began but i cut him off….
“Dex..I don’t want to discuss it..”
“Fine ” he said..”but i dont want you kissing anybody but me…Nobody can taste you like I did..U r mine”
His tone was commanding and posessive..
I dint know what to say so i simply nodded..
He kissed me on my forhead and left ..
I quickly got ready and went to the address Doc had messaged..
“I am so happy …He is finally settling in his life ” Doc said.
I looked over at him in confusion…
“Did he tell you ..?” He questioned..
I shook my head…
“He is suffering from clinical depression and has anger issues…” Doc said
“It started when his parents decided to get seprated few years back…he could not deal with it..then the burden of the company fell on him too ..resulting him slipping into depression ..”
“What can be done .?” I cross questioned doc..
“Just dont let him feel lonely..it can be dangerous for him…Rest all is fine ..” Doc explained
“Thanks Doc” i said and shook hands with him..

On my way home i googled the name of the medicine i found on his bed side table …It was an anti depressant ..
The thought pained me…i remembered Mom..her addiction…I dint want to perform the same mistake dad had done
I wanted to be there for Dex..
But why..? My subconsious questioned
Because….becausee…..i love him my heart blurted it out finally.
Determined i headed home..
I had to tell him NOW..

P.S i am extremely sry neha…u were looking out for me and i misunderstood u..actually upar ka comment got deleted and i got confused…
Thank you so much dear..!
This episode is dedicated to your efforts..

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