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Rishtey (Meaning of Relationships) Prologue

Life is sometimes strange. We think that we control our life but there comes a situation in everybody’s life where we feel helpess and unable to decide. When there are only two choices to make, not necessary that there will be one right and the other wrong decision. There can be two right things, what to choose then? Tough isn’t it?

Her situation was same, she could not decide what to choose, she cursed herself for being so hard over her feelings all her life. If she would have let them flow on right time now it would not have been a burden to carry them. She was helpless she could not transfer the burden she has to carry it all her life without shedding a tear, and has to stay strong.
She wondered how her life changed so much. She was always clear about what she wanted in her life. No confusions, no second thoughts. It never meant that she did not made any mistakes, but she was ready for the consequences. But now she was not ready for the consequences. For the first time in her life she was in a dilemna. She hated it, she just could not get out of it.
That’s life and thats love. It complecates everything, thats why she never wanted to fall for it.


But now when she has already fallen deep into it, she did not had courage to accept it.
She was in a illusion that she could control her life because she could control her emotions, she was expert in it. But she forgot that nobody can control their feelings, how much ever they try. Till now she was lucky that there were no feelings aroused in her heart.
But there comes a first time for everything isn’t it. Her illusion was also temporary, it has to break some day and that day was on its way, she was least aware of it.
Even God was confused what will be the end of this story………………………………………………..

Hi guys I am new here but was a silent reader, but never commented. This story was ringing in my mind from a long time so wanted to share with you people.You all are wonderful readers hope you will like it. I am not writing here for comments or appreciations its just my passion. Hope you will like my efforts. If it touches your heart I will be happy. That’s all I need. I am not a fan of any perticular character of Swaragini but I like Tejaswi, so my story revolves around her. There are actually no perticular pairs. Its about a girl’s life and her battle with her feelings and emotions. We girls sacrifice something or the other on the path of our life. We have to think about others before our wishes. I think thats how a woman is described. This is the whole concept of my story, is it always necessary for a woman to sacrifice. This is dedicated to all the women and to their spirit to sacrifice.

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