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Rishtey (Meaning of Relationships) Chapter1

“Hey shru I wanna buy a hand bag will you accompany me for my shopping, please” told Ragini to her classmate Shruthi who was almost in a deep sleep during physics class…………………

Her physics lecturer Mr.Gupta was painfully boring sometimes, Shruthi who could not help but only sleep during the most boring lecture among all the subjects. Luckily her glasses hided her eyes which saved her from getting caught, so she was so courageous to sleep during the classes. But her only enemy was her best friend’s short term memory attacks which used to jerk her and there could be chances that she will be caught by the lecturer someday. That was her horrible nightmare. She cursed her “You bl*** idiot. I still wonder how did we became best friends, I would have been caught now” shot Shruthi who came out of her sleep with a jerk and analyzed the surrounding and relaxed as Mr. Gupta had turned to the black board by the time she jerked so he missed watching the sudden movement among the students. Ragini chuckled and replied her “Oye not just best friend but bestest friend” Adjusting and whispering whenever her lullaby singing professor turned to the board. She hated it when her best friend (sorry bestest friend) could sleep so peacefully and she has to force her eyelids to not to fall. So she used to find new ways to torture her every time she was so engrossed in her beauty sleep.

Ragini not had a long list of friends, just a few and true friends. She liked it that way. Due to her straight forward nature it was difficult to handle her friend list. Whoever were with her knew her so well and liked her the way she was. And she appreciated whoever likes her the way she is and does not want her to change.
When she joined for Degree College all her friends chose for chemistry major field where as she chose electronics as she loved the subject so much and wanted to have a master’s degree in it. Electronics was a field which was chosen by guys more and girls less. She was among those girls. Shruthi never liked chemistry and physics but has to take physics as with electronics there was no other option. So both came in the same stream. There were only 4 girls and 10 boys in their stream. Other two girls had so many attitudes which left her to tag along with Ragini who was easy to mingle compared to others. Ragini had no choice as her all friends who were with her from past 8 years were in different streams. Within a month they became bestest friends, so much that Ragini used to call her shru and Shruthi used to call her gini(I don’t know why but I liked this name a lot from Megha’s ff ” This time forever” where laksh calls Ragini as gini as he could not remember her full name.)

Coming from her annoying trance Shruthi replied “Fine. Now tell me what were you saying as I did not hear properly”. When Mr. Gupta turned to the Black Board Ragini whispered “I wanna buy a new bag Shru. Dadda gave me 500 rupees to buy a new bag before my birthday next week.” When next time Mr.Gupta turned to Black board Shruthi whispered “Fine will go to Malleshwaram tomorrow evening, you got to do the bargaining”. Ragini hugged her and whispered with utter excitement ” Thanks jaan. You are the bestest thing ever happened in my life” This time Shruthi’s nightmare came true as Mr. Gupta turned just then and saw the Bharat Milap. But to their luck the bell rang for the next class. Annoyed Mr. Gupta strictly called out them “Ragini and Shruthi meet me before you leave the physics lab today”. All their classmates were in utter confusion where as Ragini and Shruthi were horrified with Mr. Gupta’s tone. Shruthi glared at Ragini and Ragini held her ears and uttered a quick sorry. Shruthi hit her head with her palm and looked up and asked GOD in a complaining tone ” Why bappa(Ganesh ji) why me always” Ragini came near her and told her ” Because he loves you the most” and smiled and ran out of class as she knew shruthi will chase her till the next class to hit her. As she was running in the corridor she collided with her Senior Nithin as he held her and saved her from falling. Both had a eye lock. He made her stand. Ragini was so embarrassed, as soon as she came to her senses she told him sorry with an almost crying face. He sensed her situation and told “Its ok, careful” and left the place. She with utter frustration for her action moved to her class hitting her head with her palm and uttering” why kanha ji why me always” Now it was Shruthi’s turn, she came near her ears and shouted” Because he loves you the most” and ran and sat in their favorite bench. Ragini came after her to hit her but their class professor Mr. Bhat came for their favorite class” applied electronics” and she left “Hit Shru” mission in the middle and concentrated on the class.

After getting big lecture from Mr. Gupta they came out of the department looked at each other and said with a sad face” This is the final warning” and let out a loud laugh holding each other’s hand and ran out from there, before Mr. Gupta or anybody from the Physics department came out.

This is our heroine’s introduction. This is just one of the layers of her character. You will discover many more layers of her character as the story progresses.
For Shruthi you can think of Kanchi Singh as she resembles to my best friend Shruthi whose name I am using here in my ff( actually bestest friend)
And Nithin you can imagine “Shaleen Malhotra”
(Sindhu I am taking them in my story as I liked them in your ff “Family Bonding” with tejaswi)

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