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REVENGE vs LOVE – I Will Kill You (EPISODE 2)

Hello guys!!!!!! Really a big thank you to all of you who support and commented
Thank you so much Joonakansha,Agnita,Zikra,Shivanya,Aamu,Romaisha,Srija,Kruti,Saby,Monica,Azreen,
Sayeeda, Sameera, Sidhanshi,Purnima agarwal 30, Sujina,Baby,and misha :yeh I used to watch pyaar ki yeh ek khahani and I like it a lot and shatakshi : u can call me thani I wont mind and you know what even I love harry potter a lot and did you read the cursed child? And guys thank you so much for supporting me I feel so good while reading your comments I just feel so so happy

UV walks into Abhay’s room and just then kunj comes out the shower in towel just then uv enters the room and then both of them
Uv and kunj:AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!
Both shout and uv runs out of the room. By this sound abhay wakes up..
Kunj:bhai yeh kya hai kisi ke room se aane se pehele knock karke aana chahiye na (what is this bhai you have to knock and come before entering into some one’s room)
UV: Tuje manners nahi hai kya bathroom mei kapde pehen ke nahi aa sakte(u don’t have manners kunj u have to wear ur clothes and come in the bathroom itself)
Kunj:galti meri nahi hai aapki hai mera karma hai yaar aapko knock karke aana chahiye mei apne kamre mei kaisa bhi ghoomsakta hoon(mistake is yours bhai u have to knock and come this is my room I can do anything)
Abhay who was watching all this bursts out into laughter.uv was still outside the room
Abhay: hahahahahahaha sorry for disturbing kya aap mujhe yeh bata sakte hai hahahahaha kit um dono mei ladka kaun hai aur ladki kaun?(sorry for disturbing just tell me one thing that in both of you’ll who is boy and who is girl)
Kunj and uv:matlab kya hai tera(what do u mean)
Kunj :hasna bandh kar aur bataa(stop laughing and tell me what do you mean)
Abhay :accha ok aap dono boys hi ho nay a aur kuch aap dono aisa behave kar rahe ho jaisa ek ladki ne ek ladka ko towel mein dekh liya Vaise kunj bhai aap jaisi body ko ladkiyaan bhi admire karte hai(ok I will tell you all u both are boys right then u both are behaving as if a girl saw a boy in towel and kunj bhai any girl will admire ur body if she sees u )
By now kunj wore his shirt and uv came in
Uv : chup kar hame puchne se pehele tu bata kit u ladka hai ki ladki(before asking us tell us that r u a boy or a girl)
Abhay : matlab(means)
Uv: nahi kunj ke body ko admire kar rahe ho aur kuch bhi bhake jaa raha hai tab se(no you admiring kunjs body and talking nonsense so I wanted to confirm)
Abhay :what?? Kuch bhi mei nahi aap bhake jaa rahe ho (I am not speaking nonsense ur talking nonsense)
Kunj was looking at them with what the hell wala expression
Kunj :aap dono ko sharam nahi aa rahi hai mere bhare mei aisa baat karte huye(are you’ll not ashamed about speaking about me)
Uv&abhay: matlab??(means)


Just then 3 of them hear giggles from outside it was mahi who was listening to their convo
Mahi: tum teeno isse accha topic nahi mila subah subah discuss karne ke liye aur uv tum bhi o god mein ne sahi insaan se hi shaadi kiya na(u 3 did not get any other topic to discuss morning morning and uv u r also joining them o god I married a correct person only na)
Uv: mahi
Kunj and abhay: bhabi
Mahi : break fast ke liye neeche chalo sab
Uv: tum dono ke class lene ke liye neeche bebe tumhara intazaar kar rahi hai(by the way bebe is waiting down for you’ll to take your calss)
Kunj & abhay : not again
Uv: yes again
Abhay :kunj bhai aap chalo mein shower leke aata hoon( kunj bahi u go I will take shower and come )
Kunj :ok
Mahi :vaise abhay iss baar kapde bathroom mein pehen ke aana varana phir se chillane ki aawaz aayegi(abhay u better wear your clothes and come other wise again we will hear a shout)
Uv: mahi
Kunj and abhay:bhabi….
3 of them gets embaressed and uv, kunj moves out
Twinkle (herself):[she is catching leela and rt’s photo]maa,papa mein aap dono ko doondke hi rahunga aur apko kidnap karne wale ko aapko mujhse door karne wale ko toh mein aisa saaza doonga ki koyi aur iss duniya mein koyi aur apni beti se apne maa papa ko door karne ki himmat nahi hoga. Her eyes become red due to anger and her teeth start becoming red(mom dad I will find you and the one who kidnapped you I will punish him in such a way that no one in this world again dares to separate a child and their parents)


GUYS WAS THE EPISODE HILARIOUS? AND HOW WAS KUNJS ENTRY? And angita it is a thriller but till 5th episode the story is going to start till then twinj intro happens. And guys I am early as I was so excited by seeing your comments please motivate me like this only but this time I will post it on Thursday or Friday as my exams are starting but I will try my best!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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