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REVENGE vs LOVE – I Will Kill You (EPISODE 15)

Hello guys after a long gap nearly 3 days v met so I’m sorry I was too busy and how r u all doing OK this one is episode 15 so apne baare me kuch batana banta hai na so at the end of the episode I will tell u all so and yaaa thank u so much guys for supporting and commenting I replied to everyone’s comment hope you all saw it so let’s get started…..

Episode 15
Twinkle and kunj reached sarna mansion
They entered when abhay called them
A: bhai see the news
News: we got the information that the one of the most powerful industrialist after sarnas in India the malhotras returned to India after a long gap nearly around 2 years but there are some evidences which police got from their house which clearly tells that they r dead but bodies r not found yet police r trying to find their bodies as well as catch the culprit many high officers took the responsibility of this case
He switch off the TV
A: bhai isn’t this shocking they were too powerful industrialist after us but all of a sudden they came to India and immediately got mudered
K: yes
A: who do you think who killed them??
K:(stammering) what… D…..o….I….kn….ow
A: okay why r u stammering
Before he asks anymore questions
K: I’m going to my room
T: u go kunj I’m coming
She gets a doubt that how did malhotras die
T(herself): before 2 years sarnas,malhotras,tanejas that is maa papa were businesses rivals suddenly mom dad went missing along with malhotras does this make any sense what am I thinking
T: once switch on the TV abhay
They both see the same news
T: u know abhay these malhotras were also our rivals
A: what but u all business what business
Twinkle realised she was going to reveal her whole identity she started covering up


T: its just small business if they r so big they obviously they will be the rivals of every businesses man in the country
A: ohhh
Abhay was having doubt on twinkle but he jerked away all his thoughts as he trust her just then kunj calls her she goes yo his room
T: yuck kunj what the hell is this
K: what happened
T: is this a room or what come let’s clean
K: twinkle this is a bachelor’s room and it will be dirty only and u came here to work on project not to clean my room
T: noooo I hate dirty surroundings first cleanliness then work I can’t even see this
Saying this she started to clean the room
K: what is this yaar twinkle again u r behaving like a werewolf
She froze to her place
[I know it sounds weird but werewolves like to be in a clean surroundings they maintain their surroundings very clean its a fact OK let’s get back]T: kunj stop all these nonsense and get to work
They both clean the room it took around 1 hour [just imagine how much messy it was]K: finally nandini mata
T: kunj shall I ask u one thing
K: yeah
T: how do u know so much about these werewolves and all
K: Google baba madam
T: ohhh I did not that they provide so much info about such things
K: so shall we start the project
T: yes!
She was about to get up but suddenly falls on kunj as laptop charger was stuck to her both of them fell on bed twinkle on kunj but have an eye lock
Abhay was looking at them and after a while he starts coughing twinj part themselves and abhay runs from there
Both of them felt bit awkward and without speaking a word started their project
It was evening abhay comes running to him along with him UV and mahi also comes to his room twinkle was already there

Kunj looks at them
K: what??
A: what what don’t tell me that u forgot again
Twinkle also looks at him confusingly
UV: what’s tomorrow ??
K: exactly what us wrong with tomorrow
M: don’t tell me kunj how can u be sooo boring
A: exactly!!!!
K: I god stop posing these questions tell me what’s tomorrow or I m getting back to my work
Abhay,mahi,UV together shout: its your birthday
K: ohhh that’s all no
A: come on don’t tell me that u forgot ur promise also
M: exactly
All the while twinkle was watching them silently
UV: u said this year…..


How was the episode??? Boring??
OK my name is as I told in ria diii’s ff Navya is my name actually nick name actual name baad mein bataunga itna jaldi kya hai itni aasani se aapka peecha thodi chodne wali hoon? so actual name kisi aur din and I’m gonna turn 15 in this October date bhi baad mein bataungi thoda suspence ?and yaaa I want to become a fighter pilot!!! So this is about me and u all don’t forget to tell how was the episode
So take care everyone
Love u all❤

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