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Rectify : Manmarziyan part 14

Hi guys how are you, I’m sorry for being late, anyway Feby good luck in college hope you achieve your goal and for this story I am dedicating this story for Gauri hope you like it.

Niki was reading a book when Teji enter in her room.

Teji: “Nani I have news on Dilip.”

Niki: “How is he, will he be attending the party.”

Teji: “He has been discharged and I have convinced Mala auntie that he will be taken care at the party.”

Niki: “I hope we can convince them, that we need Radhika in our team.”

Teji: “If anyone can defeat Shanti Devi and Suraj, it’s Radhika.”

Niki: “Is there something that I don’t know.”

Teji: “If anyone can defeat Shanti Devi and Suraj, it’s Radhika.”

Niki: “Is there something that I don’t know.”

Teji: “Yes here is the file on Radhika and you will be very impressed with her.”

Niki looks at the file and has a smile on her face.

Niki: “Indeed she’ll be an asset in our team.”

Next scene Arjun and Radhika.

Radhika: “Arjun what should I wear at the party?”

Arjun: “I got you something that you can wear.”

Arjun gives her blue color sari with a gold border.

Radhika: “It’s perfect.”

Arjun: “I’m glad you like it, for that you owe me a kiss.”

Radhika: “You are right I do owe you a kiss for this beautiful sari.”

Arjun thought he was going to get kiss on the lip he closed his eyes waiting for the kiss only to get kissed on the cheek. Disappointed but thought after the party he would get that kiss.

Radhika: “Thank you for the sari, now go get ready for Teji’s party.”

Arjun: “Yes, my darling wife, is your mother going to attend the party.”

Radhika: “Actually my father is also attending the party.”

Arjun: “Will Ankush and Dadaji also come.”

Radhika: “Well Teji wants everyone to be at the party, anyways your clothes for the party is ready, I’m going to the other room to change.”

Arjun: “You can change here, I promise I won’t look.”

Radhika: “No way, if I change here we won’t be able to make it to the party, I’m going to the other room.”

When Radhika left to the other room Arjun had a smile on his face.

Next scene Saral and Mystery woman

Saral: “Madam, I did what you wanted me to do, I stabbed Dilip only slightly as you said.”

Mystery woman: “Good I want my enemy’s to be very scared.”

Saral: “I just have one question what do you have against the Mishra.”

Mystery Woman: “I don’t have anything against them, but there daughter always comes in between my plans. My son had it all plan, he was going to use Nandini to destroy the Khanna, but no Radhika came in between and destroy our plan.”

(If you guys thought it was Shanti Devi your right.)

Suddenly there is a man who comes to tell Shanti Devi some news.

Man: “Madam we have a problem, the girls that were going to be sent here, are saved by the rectifier.”

Shanti Devi: “Who is this rectifier that’s always destroying my business, when I find out who it is he will pay.”

Next scene Niki and Teji.

Teji: “Nani, I have good news the girls are saved.”

Niki: “We will celebrate this at the party and I can’t wait for Ardhika and Nesam to join our team.”

Next scene the party house at Teji

Everyone was at the party, Ardhika, Nesam, and there family.

Teji: “Thank you all for coming to the party, I would like everyone to dance and then we’ll have a surprise party for Nani.”

Arjun was dancing with Radhika, Neil with his mother, Maira with Angad, Piyali with Samrat, Ankush with Maanya and Sam with Dadaji.

Dadaji: “Have you told Neil about your feeling.”

Sam: “I am planning to tell him now.”

Dadaji: “Why not propose marriage to him.”

Sam: “I know I love Neil and he loves me too, I have made him wait long enough your right I should propose marriage.”

Dadaji: “Go now and tell your feeling to him before someone else takes him.”

Sam gives Dadaji a kiss on the cheek and thanks him.

Sam: “Prerna auntie could I have a dance with your son.”

Prerna: “Yes you may, I go check on the catering see if every thing is going fine.”

Neil: “So Samunder Singh what brings you here.”

Sam: Idiot there is something I want to tell you.”

Neil: “What do you want to tell me.”

Sam goes in one knee and takes Neil hand

Sam: “Each thought of you fills me with sweet emotion; I give to you my deepest devotion. My fondest wishes you completely fulfill; I love you totally, and I always will. Will you do the honour and be my husband, will you marry me.”

Neil: “I was going to say the same…

Teji: “Sorry Sam but you can’t plan your marriage when all your life is in danger.”

Neil: “How dear you Teji tell her not to marry me.”

Teji: “I’m not telling you not to marry Sam, I’m telling you it’s not the right time.”

Sam: “Do you know who our enemy is.”

Teji: “Yes, I know who they are.”

Sam: “Who are they?”

Teji: “It’s Suraj Oberoi and his mother Shanti Devi.”

Maira: “Angad friend is doing this but why.”

Niki comes through the shadow in her wheelchair and says..

Niki: “Because he is the brother of the rapist that you testified at the court.”

Maira: “And who are you, and how do you know this?”

Teji: “She is my Nani.”

Angad: “She is Nandini’s mother, how could she be your Nani.”

Teji: “Nandini is my mother, but she was raped by Dr Chang and that’s how I was conceived.”

Everyone was shocked.

Angad: “Your my grandson.”

Maira: “What are you saying Angad?”

Angad: “I think it’s time to tell you the truth, it started with Suraj convincing me to have a one night stand with Niki so that I could give you the baby, trust me I had no idea he was using me to take revenge on you.”

Maira:” I don’t know what to say, have you slept with other women.”

Angad: “No, you are the only one I love, with Niki it was only to give you a child but when I found out you were pregnant, I ask Niki to abort the baby.”

Niki: “You see Suraj wanted to hurt you, he wanted me and Angad to get married and get you into drugs. But when you got pregnant he decided to use your child by switching the babies but he never knew that my mother switch the babies back.”

Maira: “What was he going to do by switching the babies.”

Niki: “They wanted Piyali to get raped and addicted to pills, but all this happen to my daughter believing it was your daughter.”

It was too painful for Niki to go on talking.

Teji: “When Suraj found out the truth, he changed his plan, he was going to use Nandini for his revenge, he made a list for Nandini, she thought Piyali was the one who hired those men to rape her, when it was all Suraj’s plan.”

Niki: “I am sorry for Jai, Piyali you should know Suraj was brainwashing her giving her pills she was not in her right mind when she killed Jai.”

Piyali: “It won’t be easy to forgive Nandini, she was going to make me watch my daughter get raped.”

Niki: “I know that pain, when Shanti Devi made me watch my daughter getting raped by Suraj.”

Everyone was shocked.

Niki: “And also because of them I am in a wheelchair, nobody knows how helpless I feel that I couldn’t save my daughter, but now my daughter is with me but she is in a coma.”

Mala knew she was talking about her father. When Niki was staring at Mala she got scared, she thought she was going to talk about her past in front of Ankush and Radhika.

Niki: “He didn’t even spare his daughter, kept raping her until she got pregnant.”

Neil: “Are you talking about the same girl who my father helped to escape.”

Niki: “Yes I am, Suraj killed your father, you all have the same enemy.”

Sam: “This wasn’t a surprise party was it, what do you want from us?”

Niki: “I need you, Neil, Arjun and Radhika to fight the enemies.”

Arjun: “Wait has anyone seen Radhika?”

Dilip: “I told you to keep an eye on her.”

Niki: “Please don’t worry I think I know where she would be.”

Next scene Radhika

Radhika sneak out of the party when Teji was telling Sam not to marry Neil, she went to her destination, she punched her secret code, the door opens she goes in…

Dr. Gauri:” I’m glad your back, we have saved all the girls thanks to your brilliant plan, Shanti Devi doesn’t know that the rectifier is none other than Radhika Mishra…..

Precap: Radhika tells Gauri how she became the Rectifier, the person that everyone thought was dead is actually alive thank to Radhika….

Next one will be Shanti Devi Diary, I think that will be my last diary I will write, I want to focus on Rectify Manmarziyan episodes

Jessie I know you were waiting for this episode, hope you like it, and Gauri how was it waiting for your comment.

Thank you all for your comment on Mala and Dilips diary, Rossy you ask me why I never wrote before, It because you guys inspire me with your storys, I just wanted to write a story too, but never knew I had talent. its with your comment that motivates me to write this story so I thank you all very much and please keep commenting it means lot to me. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart bye now ta ta….

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