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Rectify : Manmarziyan part 12 and 13

Dilip: ” You shot an innocent baby, I will never forgive you.”

Dinesh: “I don’t give a dam about the baby, you on the other hand was a family, a gang member, you were not to tell the cops about our business.”

Dilip: ” We’ll I don’t give dam about your business, and about gang member.”

Dinesh: ” You have that tattoo, you’ll always be a hawk.”

Dilip: ” Not anymore, I removed it, didn’t want anything connected to you. Dinesh you are a monster, I will never forgive you for what you made me do as a teenager, I thought I was selling candy, but no they were drugs that I gave my sister that killed her and those innocent girls, I need to ask a question were you human trafficking those girls.”

Dinesh: ” Yes, you see my master has a thing for young girls, the more we sell them, the more money we make.”

Dilip: ” I curse you Dinesh, the way you have inflected pain on those innocent girls, I hope you suffer in a worse kind of pain that you would be begging for death.”

Dinesh was laughing

Dinesh: “That day will never come, look at me, I have money and power, what do you have.”

Dilip: ” I have my family.”

Dinesh: ” talking about your family, you have a very hot daughter, what’s her name Radhika, right.”

Dilip: “Don’t you dare talk about my daughter, I will kill you if you go near her.”

Dinesh: ” I want you to do my master job by killing Maira and her family or I will go after your daughter, the choice is your.”

Dilip: ” You think I will kill my other daughter and her family, my Radhika would risk her life to save Sam, I am not a killer, do what you want, I have confidence in my daughter.”

Dinesh: “Don’t be a fool, I will give you two days time, to think it over, or we will take your daughter away and you know where we’ll take her, so think it through.”

Dilip: ” Let me warn you, if you lay a hand on my daughter, you will be destroyed, mark my word, now get out of my house!”

Dinesh: ” I am leaving, giving you two days to think it through.”

Dinesh leaves, Dilip was tense, he needed to go to Sam’s house to warn them.

Next scene at the Khanna house.

Arjun, Neil, Radhika and Mala were there to welcome Maira and Angad. Piyali had shown Maira the list that the mastermind had made, and Maira was disturbed after reading this.

Maira: “I don’t know what to say, I have no idea why this person wants revenge.”

Piyali: ” Mom, Rana said that the mastermind wants revenge from you and that he want to kill us because what you did in your past.”

Maira: ” Sweetheart , I wish I knew why this mastermind is after me, but I don’t know.”

Suddenly the door bell rang.

Sam: ” I’ll go check who is there.”

Sam open the door and there is Teji.

Teji: ” Hey Sam how are you and before you say why I am here I want to tell you that I am inviting you for a party at my house and your family are invited.”

Sam: ” You can come in, Arjun, Radhika and Neil are here to.

Teji: ” That is great, I was going to invite them to.”

Teji comes in and see the whole group

Teji: ” Hi guys, I am here to invite all of you to my party, it will be in my house.”

Radhika: ” What is the occasion for the party.”

Teji “It is a surprise party for my Nani, so you all must come.”

Neil: ” Sorry buddy, but we have a much big problem.”

Teji: ” If I solve the problem, will you all come.

All of them said yes, and then they told Teji about the mastermind, which Teji already knew who the mastermind is. But he acted like he didn’t know the mastermind.

Teji: ” Mrs Dixit, try to remember your past, did you get someone arrested, fired or witness a murder or rape.”

Maira: ” Raped, oh yes, I remember, I was the witness for my friend who was raped by these 4 men, they were hanged to death. Could this mastermind be taking his revenge on me for testifying on those 4 men.”

Teji POV: ” That’s right Mrs Dixit, you will be shocked when you find out that Angad’s friend is taking his revenge on you for his brother.”

Sam: ” I think this is the reason for the revenge, thanks Teji you solved our problem, I guess we have to come to your party.”

Teji: ” Good I want everyone to be there, Mala auntie you also come with your husband.”

Mala was thinking about the rape, she felt like she heard this before.

Mala: ” Yes beta we’ll be there.”

Teji: “I think this party will be good for all of you, see you tomorrow guys.”

Arjun: “Yeah, let me depart you to the door.”

When Arjun open the door Dilip was there, Dilip’s white shirt was red he was stabbed….

Part 13

Arjun stayed with Dilip, while Teji told the family to call the paramedic, that Dilip was stabbed. Everyone came to Dilip, Radhika and Mala were crying.

Radhika: ” Papa, who did this to you?”

Dilip: “He was wearing a mask, I couldn’t see his face.”

The paramedic came and took Dilip to the City Hospital. Mala had called her father in law at Rishikesh and told him about Dilip getting stab, her father in law said he was coming to Mumbai with Ankush.

Arjun was worried and afraid while he was alone with Dilip he told him.

A few hour ago.

Dilip: ” Arjun, Radhika life is in danger, they wanted me to kill Sam and her family, if I didn’t do it they will go after Radhika, please save her.”

Arjun: ” She is my life, I will keep an eye on her, do you know who the mastermind is.”

Dilip: ” No but my cousin Dinesh, he know who the mastermind is, but be careful Dinesh is a very dangerous man, he will not easily tell you the name of the mastermind.”


Now that he knew that Radhika life was in danger, he had to convince her to stay with him.

Arjun: ” Radhika, you and maa could stay with me until papa is better.”

Mala: ” No beta, I want to stay with my husband, you can take Radhika with you.”

Radhika: ” I don’t want to leave my papa in this condition, what if that person comes back and attack papa again”

Neil: ” Don’t worry Radhika, I will protect uncle, you go with Arjun.”

Sam:” Yes Radhika, you should go, I’ll also take care of uncle, so don’t worry.”

Radhika: ” Okay, I’ll go but call me if there is a problem.”

Arjun and Radhika leave the hospital.

Mala is with her husband in the room while Neil is guarding the door.

Sam: ” here Neil have tea.”

Neil: ” You read my mind, thank you Samunder Singh.”

Sam POV: “Neil if only you knew how much I want you but right now is not the right time to confess my feeling for you. Maybe at Teji party, I will confess my feeling for you.”

Neil: POV: ” God dam girl, stop looking at me like that, you don’t know what your doing to me inside, oh god I want to kiss you so badly, but the timing sucks. Maybe at Teji party, I will confess my feeling for you, yes that’s what I’ll do.”

Sam: ” So are you going to Teji’s party.”

Neil: ” Yes, I’m going if your going to the party.”

Sam: ” I’m going, I feel that this party is what we all need to chill out even for our Ardhika.”

Next scene Arjun and Radhika.

Arjun: ” You know I can’t see your tears.”

Radhika: ” I could have lost my father today.”

Arjun: “He was lucky it was a slight wound.”

Radhika: ” But why my father, he is a good person, what does he want with my father.”

Arjun: ” I think he wants to destroy the Khanna family and stabbing your father was a warning for us not to get involve with Sam and her family.”

Radhika: ” I would risk my life to save Sam.”

Arjun: ” Don’t say that, I don’t think I will be able to live with out you.”

And then they kissed hungrily. And then Arjun stop the kiss and said.

Arjun: ” You know when we were getting married, I was happy, I know I didn’t show it because of Nandu, but you were the one I desperately wanted to marry, you were my light, my everything I love you so much.”

Radhika: ” Arjun, I love you to.”

Arjun: ” Let’s go to bed, don’t worry, I am not going to make love to you yet, just want to hold you.”

They slept holding each other.

Next scene the mask man
Later ago
The man had seen Dinesh leaving, he was falling Dilip to the Khanna house, Dilip was about to ring the door bell when the man with the mask stabbed him but slightly, it was for revenge on Radhika for rejecting him. Yes it was Saral who stab Dilip….

Precap: Saral is working with a lady who is brainwashing him against Ardhika, Sam propose to Neil for marriage at Teji party. But Teji say sorry Sam but you can’t plan your marriage when all of your life is in danger….

Mala and Dilip both living with pain only these two can heal each other…

Why is Shanti Devi so evil to know why we need to go to her past…

Thank you so much for your comment, you give me energy to wire bye for now ta ta…

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