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Razia Sultan…the story retold (season 2) (Nasir and Fatimah Teaser)

Nasir and Fatimah Teaser

In the background (Fatimah’s voice) – Every story has it’s end , after all a new story must begin.



Scene 1-Fatimah swings her sword and then deftly rotates it practising postures of sword fight and skills.

Scene 2- Fatimah keeps her sword on Nasir’s neck “Jitni muhabbat aapko humse hain , ussay kaii zyada nafrat humey aapsay hain.” (I hate you much more than you love me) she

Scene 3- Nasir hands over a dagger to Fatimah “ Yeh ser jhukta bhi aapke saamnay hain aur uthta bhi aapke samney hain , agar kaat dengi toh bura nahi maanenge (This head bows before you and raises before you , if you cut it , I won’t mind.)” he says while bowing with a mischievous smile.

So this was the second teaser of my ff , Nasir and Fatimah special . But Alzia fans would not have to wait for long as my next teaser would be Alzia special , finally an overall teaser and by the next month , I’ll start writing again. I know I am making you guys wait for long but , my exams are going on , so , I am not able to devote even a single hour to my ff. Sorry again and do not forget to comment.


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