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Razia Sultan…the story retold (season 2) (AlZia Teaser)

Altunia and Razia Teaser

Scene 1- Razia is seen riding on her horse dressed as a warrior in a battlefield , she takes her bow and an arrow and aims at her opponent , she then shoots the arrow , Yakut on his horse , rides beside Razia and gives War Cry.


Scene 2- In the background , (Altunia’s Voice ) – There’s only one thing common in war and love , and that is , everything is fair in them.
Altunia is dressed up as a warrior in the battlefield , she swings up his sword high and cuts his opponent into two.

Scene 3- Altunia and Razia are sharing an embrace , Altunia is in his armor , ready to go in a battle while Razia is dressed in red a beautiful , queen-like attire not breaking the hug he says to Razia “ Razia you know our hearts beat together.” “ And cease together too.” Razia adds with teary eyes.
So , done with Alzia teaser , hope you all like it.

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