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Razia Sultan…the story retold fanfiction Chapter 54

Chapter 54 – Finally The Sultan (Season Finale)

Razia’s sword , fell from her hand , she was too shocked to react at first , but a moment later , her expressions changed from grief to anger , she was mad with range , with shaking hands , she took the sword from Nasir’s hand “ Today ….it’ll be either me , or him.” she said in a low voice , just then one of her men came rushing to her , “ Rukknuddin and Yakut are at the court , Jnaab Yakut is all alone , there are even Rukknudin’s men there , most of our soldiers have been killed. Razia , was so mad with range that she forgot all about Fatimah. Seething with burning anger in her veins , running with her blood , she entered the court and at once charged at Rukknuddin with her sword , Razia was no doubt , better than Rukknuddin , meanwhile Nasir came to Yakut’s rescue dealing with other warriors , Yakut was badly injured , which was not a very good thing , Razia was making it tough for Rikknuddin to even defend himself , some of Rukknuddin’s men attacked her , but she deftly slayed all of them in no time , she held Rukknudin’s neck and pushed him against a pillar with her hand still on his neck , ready to strangle him any time , just when she was going to slay him , somebody attacked her from behind , giving her a deep cut at her back , Razia , turned back , it was non other than Shah Turkan , beforer Razia could react , she gave another cut on Razia’s arm and the sword from her hand feel off , Razia was bleeding profusely , she fell on her knees , as if all her energy had drained off.


Rukknuddin smiled evilly and picked up Razia’s sword “ I’ll finish you up with this sword only , oh, this sword is the same one with which I killed Iqbal , so much love you brother-sister have for each other , good , die with the same sword with an unfulfilled dream of sitting on the throne.” he said observing the sword , with those words , he started taking steps towards Razia , Nasir and Yakut were too involved in the fight to notice the danger shadowing over Razia . Razia could see her approaching death “ I was ever a fighter and hence will not kneel before the evil , I always fought for justice and will never kneel before the injustice , till my last breath I’ll fight I’ll fight for my people.” she said to herself in her mind. Rukknuddin was too close tom Razia when a dagger hit him making him fall on the ground with a thud , Turkan and Rukknuddin turned towards the attacker and was shocked find Malik Altunia “ Cowards always attack in the injured warriors , let me show you how a real warrior fights , with these word , Altunia , came in front of Razia , hiding her behind him and Gave Rukknuddin a hard blow with his elbow Razia was equally shocked seeing Altunia.

Rukknuddin fell on the ground , Turkan was about to attack Altunia from behind when somebody caught her hand , it was none other than Razia , gathering up all her energy , she got up and gave Turkan a hard blow , knocking her down on the ground. Altunia made Rukknuddin stand by pulling his hair , so harshly that he screamed in pain “ Oh , is it paining ? Fatimah suffered much more than that.” Altunia said still holding his hair m, Razia was surprised hearing this , she had no idea what had happened , reading her expression , Altunia decided to reveal her the truth “ Yes , Fatimah is not here , we don’t know where she is , all we know that she had been humiliated and assaulted and that too by Rukknuddin.” he said. Altunia raised his sword to slay him but was stopped by Razia “It’s you who’ll kill him , but me, a woman shall avenge the insult of another woman.” she said and with those words , she swung her sword and slit Rukknudin’s neck , Rukknuddin’s blood stained her face , as Runnuddin’s lifeless body fell on the ground , Turkan screamed in agony “ NOOOOO! RUKKNUDDIN.” she was helpless , she rushed towards her son’s dead body , he had died open eyed , just like Iqbal.

Now as Rukknuddin was dead , there was a mess among his men , they were doing their duty to protect the Sultan but now their Sultan was no more and the right heir of the throne had only killed their Sultan , hence , they had to accept their new Sultan , Razia Sultan. “ Guards , arrest her.” Yakut ordered . The sword from Razia’s hand fell off , she was too tiered and injured to even stand properly , she was going to fall down , Altunia rushed to her rescue but before he could reach her , Yakut reached behind her and she passed out in Yakut’s arms “ Razia …” Yakut was panicked to see the love of his life in this state , he picked her up in his arms and said to Nasir “ Call for the Royal healer now.” with those words , he carried Razia out of the court towards her chamber while Nasir rushed to call the healer. Altunia followed Yakut , his heart bled seeing Razia in that condition . Yakut entered the chamber of Razia and placed her on her bed , she had lost much blood and this worried Yakut , when Altunia was about to enter the chamber , the guards stopped him “ The general had ordered us not let anybody else other than the Royal family enter shezaadi’s chamber.” one of the guard said haughtily.

Altunia knew he deserved the treatment , he had snatched an ideal Sultan from Dilli Sultanate , hence decided to keep quiet and wait outside. In no time , Nasir arrived there with the healer , the healer requested Nasir to stay outside since many people near the patient might initiate an infection in her wounds. Altunia and Nasir were left alone outside Razia’s chamber , Altunia could not make an eye-contact with Nasir and how could he at last , he had killed his father. Nasir came near Altunia and said “ We don’t become empathetic until we are in the shoes of another person, Right?” Altunia was confused and to his surprise Nasir smiled at him and put his hand on his shoulder “ It was not easy to forgive you , in fact I was, I mean we were in no mood to do so . But when I… misunderstood Fatimah , I felt I was in your shoes that day and , I can’t forgive myself , I will not until . She forgives me.” tears swelled up On Nasir’s face as he let out those words , he was dying with guilt.


Soon the healer came out of the chamber along with Yakut. “ She has got deep injuries , she needs to take complete bed rest at least for a week after that , she can sit up and walk but must avoid rapid movements.” the healer said to Nasir in a serious tone, Yakut though avoided any conversation with Altunia managed to pass on a smile to him , he knew that it was all a rash step , Altunia was a man with a heart of gold. By the that time , the royal family had arrived , Qtub wanted to meet her daughter but the healer said she’s asleep and should not be disturbed. Altunia found it better to get out of their sight for now.

A week passed away with the blink of an eye , Razia after knowing the whole truth about Fatimah’s insult did not talk much with Nasir , Yakut was her constant companion during her rest period. Finally after a week long wait the much awaited day of Razia’s crown ceremony had arrived , the people of Dilli were beyond happy , finally the deserving person was going to take up the throne except some ministers for whom , accepting a woman as their ruler was impossible .

The much awaited moment finally came , Razia was crowned as the Sultanate’s new Sultan, RAZIA SULTAN. The ministers including Altunia and Shah Turkan were all present at the court. The people cheered for their new Sultan “ LONG LIVE THE SULTAN , LONG LIVE THE ROYALS!” they cheered . Razia raised from the thrown and gestured them to stop “ As the Sultan of Dilli Sultanate , I want to make a few important announcements. First is for Shah Turkan , she had disgraced the Sultanate and hence , as a punishment , I banish her from the Sultanate , by tomorrow morning , I should not find you even near Dill.

And the next is for Malik Altunia.” Altunia looked at her with guilty eyes , but Razia paid no attention to him and without even looking at him announced “ Malik had snatched Dilli’s Sultanate’s Sultan from us , but paying heed to the situation and his recent involvement in saving the Sultanate , I return him his position. Malik Altunia , you may go back to Bhatinda as the city’s subedaar , your people need you , so I think it would be better if you leave by tonight.” she said coldly , her words meant only one thing , she wanted him to go far away fro her, Altunia respectfully gave her a salaam an said “ As you wish Sultan.” with those words , he left the court. People cheered for Razia which diverted her attention from Altunia , she smiled at them. Finally , she got what she deserved , what was only and only hers.

As the night rolled on everybody retired to their respective chambers. It was sleepless night for Razia as well as Nasir , Razia watched Altunia go riding on his horse , a lone tear escaped from one of her eyes but she immediately wiped it away , now she was not only a shezaadi , but The Sultan of a huge empire , she had the responsibility of a vast Sultanate as well as the burden of a crown.

Suddenly it started to rain , the fierce winds made it a stormy night , Nasir looked at the scenario of outside through a huge glass window of his chamber “ Where are you Fatimah , please come back. No , I …..I will find you , I’ll beg you I’ll kneel before you unless you forgive me.” he said in between his sobs “ I am sorry dear… I am sorry.” he added.

Somewhere , far away from Dilli-

atimah was walking through the dusty path , she was more dead than alive , she was struggling to walk further , but at last gave up and fell on the dusty path , it began to rain suddenly , “May be this is my last day on this earth . But even it is , I won’t forgive you Nasir , I hate you , I hate you , you insulted my love , me , everything of me.” she said in her mind , slowly , her eyes began to close , but she could hear hooves of horses approaching her and a few dark figures on horses approaching her before she passed out on the ground.


So , this was THE END OF SEASON 1 but surely not the end of my ff. My exams are from 24th of August so , guys , I’ll be starting season 2 from the next month.
BUT I’LL BE UPDATING TEASERS , NEW LOOKS AND ALL. So , good bye for now and from the nxt month season 2 of my ff will start.

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