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Razia Sultan…the story retold fanfiction Chapter 49 continued

Chapter 49 continued

Iqbal’s sword fell on the ground , followed by his body , he died with open eyes , for a moment , there was an unnaural silence in the chamber but then Turkan spoke “ Take this body to the court , I’ll handle the rest of the things.” Turkan’s orders were followed , when the royal family came into the court , Qtub couldn’t believe her eyes , “ IQBAAL!” she cried , all the ministers and the ordinary people were equally shocked , just when Qtub was going to hug Iqbal’s dead body , Turkan stopped her “ Don’t , you will be hugging a traitor , he had attempted to murder the Sultan.” she said wickedly , Rukknuddin, who had seated himself on the throne raised from his place and announced “ He had done a hilarious crime by attempting to murder me , The Sultan-e-Hind , hence I myself had done justice , by giving him death , but as I am , a soft-hearted person , I would do his last rites by myself , he was my own brother!” Nasir couldn’t control his anger , he was about to say something but Fatimah stopped him , Nasir locked at her in shock , but ignoring this , Fatimah whispered to him “ Shezaadey , be patient , please be patient , at this moment , a wrong step will land the whole family in trouble , please.” Nasir knew that she was right , but this was really a tough time for him , yet , trusting his wife and her presence of mind , he paid heed to her words.



Iqbal’s last rites were done , Zehna was completely broken , yet she did not utter a word , and that too for the sake of her family’s wellness.

Sorry , I know that it was a small update but as I’ll give the nxt update as soon as possible , since this chapter had a quick end , my update couldn’t be longer. Soon , this season will end and season 2 will start.

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