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Razia Sultan Serial: Nasir & Fatima’s New Beginning FF Ep#1

Before I write anything I want to tell you that it is majorly NasImah’s story as I really like their couple!Hope u like this ff!

The sun rose and it was a beautiful morning in Dehli.Today was a great day for the royals as after many days the beloved prince of the kingdom was arriving.Yes it was none other than Prince Nasiruddin. Princess Razia was really excited. The previous night had been a great one too as she had freed a slave and made her as her personal assistant named “Fatima”. She was a pretty girl with her hijab. She often used to wear the hijab but sometimes on special occasions she had her long silky hair open.She was a very friendly person. Just IN A night, Razia and Fatima had talked a lot and became great friends!Razia was a princess with a heart of gold. She cared for everyone.She loved all her siblings but with Nasir,she had a special bonding! They both used to talk for hours and play for hours when they were small..they shared every thing. Nasir then went off to Ghanzni for becoming physically fit and learning more about war tactics from Sultan Yaldoz. He was now coming back after 2 years and Razia was soo desperate to meet her elder brother yet her best friend!She’d be telling Fatima everything about her elder brother!


Iltutmish was very excited to meet his son was so was Qutub and rest of the family except for Ruknuddin and Shah Turkan.” This is the only chance to become better than the royal family…If you become Sultan!..I had soo many dreams to become the mother of sultan but you…” SHAH TURKAN was interrupted by Ruknuddin ” So what ammi jaan!? Are you gone nuts? Obviously I will become the…”he said but before he could complete Shah Turkan screamed” No u dumb head!The heir of the throne is coming! Nasir is coming back!!!!” This shook Ruknuddin.. He clumsily walked back to his room! But Turkan had something in her mind.

Luckily it was also eid on the day nasir was arriving. The whole Sultanate was happy. Everyone dressed their best!

Nasir was the most handsome,powerful and talented prince of the kingdom.But his best feature was that he was caring and loving in heart despite having the power and money he was never arrogant. Just Like all princes he had slept with many whores and girls but never felt for them. He never believed in love HOWEVER Fatima had always dreamt of having a small house with a caring husband . She never dreamt of having a rich or powerful person.She had a friend named “Zaroon” who was a coward sort of person but was funny and gentle..he had long hair and wasn’t rich but always wanted to earn but he was too lazy for that. Fatima had a crush on him but never told him neither did Zaroon ever care but they were great friends.
But destiny was sealed for both of them….


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