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“Rang Pyar Ka – Again” (Devna), Part – 22

Recap – Masti wali Bilk ride.

Sona and Dev sit in the garden. Dev does text to Nikki that they will come late. Both are silent. After sometime –


Dev – Kya hua? (what happened?)
Sona – khuch nahi. (nothing)
Dev – tell me.
Sona – kaha na… kuch nahi (told you… nothing)
Dev – Don’t lie…
Sona – samajh nahi aa raha kese kahu (don’t know how to say)
Dev(smiles) – no problem….whenever you feel comfertable then tell me.
Both sit silently, but Dev is disturbed coz he knows that Sona, his own Sona, is disturbed…..and he is completely helpless….. he feels like hell.
After some time Sona starts saying.
Sona – I lost my mermory but still…..
Dev – what?
Sona – I feel……. some connection with your family and Bose family. You and your family are so good.
Dev – you think like this coz you yourself are a kind hearted person.
Sona – I feel as if I know you people for such a long time. I even don’t remember my real parents and family…….and you know what is the strange thing in this….. I don’t miss them too…I am happy with you all…normally people face so many problems after memory loss but I am ok with it… I have no problem… I don’t want to know my past as long as I am with you….
Dev – ????
Sona – I mean with all of you. I don’t want to go to my parents. Yash always tells that they were against us. They started hating me after knowing our relation.
Dev(interupts) – nooooooooo…… they are very good people, so kind hearted. They love you the most.
( Oh no……phir se……….Dev ne phir se gadbad kar di……aaj dev ko ho kya gaya hai ? Lagta hai ki aaj wo rayta faila ke hi rahega…)
Sona(shocked) – what…..???? Do you know my parents..??? but how????
Dev(stammers) – a…a.. wo…wo…..
Sona – Kya…wo wo…….tell me….
Dev – I don’t know parents but all parents always love their child the most that is why I said this.
Sona – oh… I thought you know parents.
Dev – no….not at all.
Sona – ok.
Dev gets relieved ( bach gaya….warna aaj to………bas…….)
Dev – you were saying something…..just continue…..
Sona – Simply I was saying….nothing important.
Dev – but its important for me…(not again Dev…plz) you can share with me whatever you feel, after all we are friends.
Sona – hmm…
Dev – Yash would have told you something about your past… tell me that.
Sona – Yash did not tell me a lot. He just told me that we both loved each other from our college days. We planned to get married after completetion of degree. I told this to my family.He was an orphan so my parents were agaist this alliance. We tried our best to convince them but they started threatening Yash. Finally we decided to run away but somehow my parents came to know that and then they hired some goons to kill Yash. In that accident I lost my memory and Yash was too badly injured.
Dev(widely opend eyes) – Seriously…..Yash told you all this??
Sona – yes
Dev(in his mind) – jhootha..he has brother too…how can he fall so stoop?
Dev – what else he told?
Sona – he told that because of my parents he could noe take me to hospital and we had to go to some unknown place. I was unconciou for such a long time but he took care of me during that time.
Dev(smirks) – Really?
Sona – yes. He loves me a lot.
Dev – and you?
Sona – ……
She did not expect this straight question from Dev and she has no answer.
Dev – Tell me Sona…
Sona(stammers) – wo……amm….
Dev – Say it…
Sona – I don’t know.
Dev – I don’t means…..?
Sona – I just don’t know.
Dev – You don’t love him.
Sona – I did not say.
Dev – then what you said ?
Sona – I said……. I mean I am not sure about it.
Dev – matlab??
Sona – Nothing……We should go now.
Dev thinks not to bother Sona now.
Dev – ok, we will go but after some time.
Sona – Why?
Dev – I think we should here for sometime thaen we will go.
Sona nods in yes.
They both sit on a bench and after somt tine Sona gets sleeps on Dev’s shoulder. Dev smiles seeing her like this but suddenly tears come in his eyes.
Dev – Sona, yash lied everything to you, whatever he told you is not correct. Your parents are too good. They loved you so much and stiil love you. Its very difficult for us to see you like this but we cant do anything. Doctor said if we forcefully try to remind you something then it can harm you and we cant take nay risk. I love you Sona…..we all love you a lot.
Dev stares at Sona while she is sleeping. Its late night but Dev does not to disturb her and it’s a goden chance for him too to be so close with Sona…… how can he miss it?

Dixit House –
Its late night. Ishwari and Asha are waiting for Dev and Sona.
Ish – when will they come?
Asha – its too late.
Ish – I hope, every thing is fine.
Asha – Don’t worry Ishwari ji. Everything will be fine.
Just then Nikki comes and informs them about Dev’s msg. Boteh become happy.
Ish – good, they get a chance to spend some time with each other.
Asha – I agree.
Both laugh, get relieved and go to sleep. And again yash (the unwanted) overhears this and fumes like anything.

Garden –
Its early morning. Sona is still sleeping keeping her head on the best pillow of this world….of course Dev’s shoulder and Dev is still awake watching her with a broad smile. Sona looks preety. Dev is so busy just then he gets disturbed by a phone call. He tries to take out his phone from the pocket without disturbing Sona but Sona wakes up.
Dev – Sorryyyyyyyy. I disturb you.
Sona(slightly opens her eyes) – pick the phone first.
Dev pickes the phone. It is Nikki who calls Dev as they both are gayab(missed) For the whole night. Dev tell her that they will be coming soon and disconnects.
Sona – how could I sleep like this? Sorry Dev, I troubled a lot. You were not able to sleep whole night coz of me.
Dev – anything for you. (in his mind) I can sit like this for the rest of my life for you my love. And smiles.
Sona – why are you smiling?
Dev – nothing….
Sona – ok… we should go home… its moring now.
Dev – only after you mam. ( and bows)
Sona laughs and both head to go home.

Precap – Nikki rocks….Yash shocks…..!!! ?

Guys I want to tell you that my FF will go till 25th part only then I will end this FF as I am not able to write regularly and long parts too and I don’t want you guys to keep waiting for my FF.

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