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Ragsan- Two Broken Souls (Episode 15)

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So lets start-

Recap- Sanskar realises his love for Ragini in the past.

The episode starts with Ragini entering her apartment. She sees Swara super happy and excited about something.

Swara- Di, there is a great news.
Ragini- Achcha, and what is it?
Swara- Vo.. Laksh just called me and told that tomorrow evening his family is coming here.

Ragini was shocked to hear this.

Ragini- What? But why?
Swara- Actually when Laksh told his mother about me, she was very happy knowing that I am your sister and so she decided to talk to us about our relation.
Ragini- But Swara, it’s too soon and…
Swara- Offo di, you are talking as if I am getting married right now only. She just want to talk about our relation, That’s it.
Ragini – But…
Swara- Please na di… ( She says and tries to make the cutest puppy face possible)
Ragini- Ok ok fine… Now stop your drama.
Swara- Yippee you are the best Di.

She hugs her and then goes to her room. Ragini stood there.

Ragini thinks- That means Maa will also come tomorrow.

FB starts

Sanskar and Ragini were standing infront of Ap quietly.

Sanskar- Maa… She is Ragini, my friend.

Ragini hits him on his arm.

Sanskar- I mean to say that I love her…

Ap folds her hands and looks at both of them with fake anger.

Ap- Since from how long is this going on?
Sanskar- Just one and a half month… Not much.
Ragini- Aunty please listen…

Ap stares at her angrily.
Ap- I am not interested in talking to you.

Ragini feels bad and looks down.

Ap- I am not interested in talking to you if you will call me Aunty. (Ragini looks at her in confusion)
Ap smiles- From now on you will also call me Maa only, otherwise I won’t talk to you.

Ragsan’s face light up hearing this.

Sanskar – That means you are agreeing for our relation.

Ap smiles and nods.

Ragini- Thank you Aunty

Ap again stares at her

Ragini- Sorry sorry, I mean Maa.

The trio then laugh and Ap holds Sanskar’s ear.

Ap- Dare you try to hide something like this from me next time.
Sanskar- Ouch, achcha ok fine, but now leave my ear.

Ap leaves his ear and Ragini laughs. Ap then smiles at both of them and leaves the room.

Ragini- Ok, now I am also leaving.

She starts to leave when Sanskar holds her hand and pulls her closer.

Sanskar- What is the hurry? Now Maa also agreed for our relationship and after some days I will talk to your parents as well. But before that you need to give me something.
Ragini- What?

Sanskar smiles naughtily and Ragini understands his intention. She blushes and moves back.

Ragini- Don’t be stupid, Maa is in other room, if she comes then.
Sanskar- She won’t come, no one will come.

He again moves closer to her when Laksh comes there calling Sanskar.

Laksh- Oops… I think I came at the wrong time.
Sanskar- What do you need Laksh?
Laksh- I wanted your help in some physics question but I didn’t knew that here another chemistry is going on.
Sanskar- You speak alot, now go, I am coming.
Laksh- By the way Bhai, nice choice (he looks at Ragini and says)

Ragsan looks at each other and smile.

FB ends

On the other side-

Sanskar- What, why to hurry? You both are still in the college.
Laksh- We are just going there to talk about our relation, nothing else.
Sanskar- Then you and Maa can go as I have some work.

Laksh looks at him with an angry pout.

Sanskar- What now?
Laksh- You promised me to be a good brother and now you are breaking it.
Sanskar- Ok fine, you are no less in drama. I will come with you both tomorrow.
Laksh grins-Thanks bhai

Next day morning.

Swara- Adi bhaiya please na…
Aditya- Oh so today I turned from Aditya to Adi bhaiya.
Swara- Please… Today Laksh and his family is coming here, you are like my brother and its my order that you will stay here in the evening and help us as well.
Aditya- But Ragini doesn’t like taking help from anyone so…
Ragini- No Aditya.. This time I need your help but if you don’t want to help then I will manage.
Aditya- No, no I will help you, I will be there in the evening.
Swara- That is not fair, you always listen to di in one go.

Aditya gives her a “keep your mouth shut” look and Swara smiles mischievously.

In the evening, the Maheshwaris came to Ragini’s house. Ragini smiled towards Laksh and Ap. Ap was also very happy to see Ragini after such a long time. She blessed her. Sanskar also enters and get angry seeing Aditya also present there.

Swara also comes and greets them.
Swalak looks at each other and smile. They continue looking at each other lovingly when Aditya waves his hand between them.

Aditya- Guys, whole life is left for this so now concentrate for what we all are here.

Swara shys and leaves. Sanskar gets a call from Richa.

Sanskar- Yes say, something important?
Richa- Yes Sanskar, I need to discuss about a case but where are you.
Sanskar- Umm… I am at Ragini’s house and I won’t be able to come now.

Richa’s eyes widen in shock hearing this.

Sanskar cuts the phone.

They all sit and discuss about Swalak’s relationship. After some discussion they came to the conclusion.

Ap- Why not we do their engagement after few days and later on when they will complete their studies we will get them married.

Ragini- But, it will be too soon na Maa ( Sanskar and Ap looks at her). I mean Aunty, we can get them engaged when they Complete their studies.
Ap- But why to delay beta, I am just asking for a small function of their engagement.

After some hesitation, Ragini and others finally agreed. Swalak were on cloud nine hearing this news.

They all hear a knock on the door. Aditya opens it and everyone gets shocked seeing Richa standing outside.

Sanskar- Richa, you here. Was that case discussion that important?
Richa- Haan… Vo.. Sanskar I want to talk to you….alone.

Sanskar nods and goes with her to the other side of the house.

Richa- Sanskar are you here for Laksh’s marriage proposal for Swara?
Sanskar- Yes, so?

Aditya also passes from there but stops listening what Richa said next.

Richa- What is wrong with you Sanskar. How could you tie any kind of relation with Ragini or Swara. I am sure that just the way Ragini left you, Swara will also leave Laksh.
Sanskar- No Richa, I have taken this decision after thinking a lot. Swara will not do anything and I am sure about it.
Richa- But this is not correct, you shouldn’t have agreed for their relation.
Sanskar- Richa what is wrong with you, Laksh is my brother and I have full right to decide something for him. Thanks for your concern but my decision is final.

He leaves from there while Richa stood there annoyed. Aditya also got angry listening to her and came towards her.

Aditya- Excuse me Madam, don’t you have manners?
Richa- What do you mean?
Aditya- I mean that someone’s important life decision is being made here and you are asking to stop their relation.
Richa- It’s none of your business.
Aditya- Correction madam… Its none of your business so stay out of it. And if your personal talk is done, then leave.
Richa(angrily) – Listen, talk with respect.
Aditya smiles- Ok, with full respect I am asking you to please leave.

Richa stares at him angrily and leaves.

All were sitting at the dining table. Ragini and Swara served the meal to everyone. Laksh sees matar paneer and gets happy.

Laksh- Wow, matar paneer, bhai’s favourite.
Swara- Di made this.

Ragsan looks at each other and then at different directions. All start eating the meal and Ap and Laksh praises the food, Sanskar also liked the food but remained silent.

Ap- Ragini, the food is really very delicious, right Sanskar? (She intentionally looks at him and says)
Sanskar- I didn’t liked it. It is just a plain food which is not at all spicy. Looks like I am eating khichdi.

Ragini gets angry but smiles and politely replies.
Ragini- No problem, give me your plate, I will make the food according to your taste.

Sanskar doubts on her intentions still gives her his plate. She takes it in the kitchen and keeps the plate on the shelf with a thud.

Ragini- Now I will show you what spicy food is.

She takes out spices and green chilli and mixes in his food. She then places the plate infront of him. Sanskar takes the first bite and coughs because of the spices. Ragini controls her laugh.

Laksh- What happened bhai?
Sanskar- Nothing

He stares at Ragini angrily and understands that she did it intentionally. He again started eating the food angrily shocking Ragini. He was continuously coughing after eating this, all gets confused.

Ap- Beta, have water na.
Sanskar- I’m fine.

Ragini feels bad seeing his condition. Laksh also asks Sanskar to have water but he kept eating in anger. Ragini comes near him and says sorry which is only audible to him. He looks at her and she forwards the glass of water to him. He takes it and gulps it in one go.

Ap finalises their engagement after two days and they leave.

To be continued…

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