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Ragsan- Two Broken Souls (Episode 14)

Hello friends and extremely sorry for the delay.
So lets start-

Recap- Sanskar makes Ragini agree for Swalak’s relation.


It was night time. Ragini and Aditya were shown returning from work. They were waiting for a taxi. After a long wait finally a taxi arrives. They both were going to sit inside when an old woman comes there.

Old lady- Can I please take this taxi, I really need to go somewhere urgently.
Ragini- Yes sure… We will take another one…you may take this.
Old lady- Thank You beta… May God bless you.

Ragini smiles and the lady leaves in the taxi.

Aditya- I appreciate your kind nature Ragini, but we were waiting from a long time and as you can see there is no other auto, taxi, or anything. Now do you believe that the lady’s blessings will drop us home.
Ragini- But that lady must be in some kind of hurry na… Till then we can walk some more.
Aditya- Ok as you say.

They again started walking but no vehicle came. Soon it started raining and they both ran and came under a shed.

Ragini- Now what to do?
Aditya (smiles sarcastically) – Now call Swara and tell her that her sweet sister is very busy helping others and waiting for their blessings so she will be late.

Ragini stares at him angrily.

From the other side Sanskar and Karan were coming in the car. Karan sees Ragini and Aditya and asks Sanskar to stop the car.

Sanskar- What happened now?
Karan – See there.

Sanskar sees Ragini and Aditya and makes faces.

Karan- Let’s drop them home.
Sanskar – I am not her servant and she is not a kid who can’t go home herself.

Karan remains quite for a minute and then speaks.
Karan- As much as I remember, Ragini catch cold easily and she is drenched in rain but why should we care right. And even if she catches cold then Aditya is there for her na and even they both look good together and….
Sanskar- Stop it… I am understanding what you are saying.

Karan grins at him.
Sanskar- Ok I will drop them but only because her house falls on the way… Nothing else.

Karan nods and Sanskar stops his car infront of them. Ragini and Aditya get surprised seeing them.

Aditya- Hmm… seems like your blessing finally came.
Ragini passes him a death glare and again looks towards Sanskar.

Karan- Ragini come one, we will drop you.
Ragini- thanks but I will manage myself.
Aditya – Ragini please we are getting really late so lets go.
Karan – Yes Ragini come na.

Sanskar just stare at them and remain silent. Ragini finally agrees and they both sit in the car.

Ragini sneezes as she was wet and feeling cold. Sanskar saw this and takes out his blazer and forwards it towards her.

Ragini- I am fine… I don’t need it.
Sanskar- Take it… Otherwise if you will catch cold then you will put that blame also on me only.

Ragini takes it from him. A dead silence follow in the car.

Karan reminisces a flashback and smiles.

FB starts-

Ragsan, Karan, Richa and their other friends were in a party. All were getting bored.

Richa- Hey guys, why don’t we play a game.
Karan – What Game?
Richa – Why don’t we play truth and dare. Our time will also pass as we all are getting bored only.

Everyone agree and they sit in a circle. Karan spins the bottle and it stops on Ragini.
Karan – So now you have to answer our question.

Richa smirks- Ok I will ask the question.
Ragini nods.

Richa- So Ragini, imagine a situation when Sanskar leaves you. How will you react?

Sanskar gets nervous- Richa, what kind of question is this.
Richa- Relax Sanskar, it’s just a question. So tell me na Ragini what will you do?
Ragini smiles- Sorry Richa, but I can’t even imagine it because I know that it will never happen. I trust Sanskar more than anyone else, more than myself and I know that he will never leave me.

Everyone looks at Sanskar as they knew about the challenge. Sanskar was numb after hearing her answer. He felt disgusted by himself. Karan whispers in his ear.

Karan in a taunting manner – Congratulations Sanskar, you are making her a great fool.

Sanskar gets angry and leaves from there. Ragini gets confused. She gets up to go to him but Karan stops her and goes to him instead.

Karan- What happened Sanskar?
Sanskar – I can’t complete this challenge anymore, you were right, I can’t play with her feelings anymore. I will tell her everything and will end it today itself.

Karan gets happy hearing this.
Karan- Finally my friend got some brains. Let’s go and tell her.

Sanskar nods and leaves with him. Meanwhile Ragini gets a message from an unknown number to come outside. She searches for Sanskar but goes out alone. She comes out and gets shocked seeing Sameer standing there.

Sameer- Enough wait Ragini… Enough. Now I can’t tolerate you with someone else. You have to come with me.

He holds her hand and starts dragging her towards his car. Ragini struggles to leave and jerk his hand.

Ragini – I said so many times that I don’t love you, don’t you get it.

Sameer gets angry and raises his hand to slap her. Ragini shuts her eyes in fear but opens it when she feels nothing happening. She opens her eyes and sees Sanskar stopping his hand.

Sanskar- Today I won’t leave you.

He starts beating him badly. Soon their friends also come out and watch the scene. After beating him a lot, Sameer pleads to him. Karan asks Sanskar to stop. Sanskar stops beating him and he runs away.

Ragini, who was scared hugs Sanskar infront of everyone.

Ragini- Thank God you are with me Sanskar… Please never leave me.

Sanskar and Karan looks at each other in confusion.

Finally Sanskar also reciprocated the hug even more tightly.
Sanakar- I can’t leave you even if I want to, I love you so much Ragini.

Richa sees this and rolls her eyes.

Richa- Only ten days are left for him to complete the challenge.
Karan smiles- No Richa, now he is planning to take on this challenge forever.
Richa- What do you mean?
Karan- That this time he is not acting anymore, he is saying the truth.

Richa’s mouth drops open hearing this and she looks at Ragsan with a shocked expression on her face.

FB ends.

Sanskar stops his car infront of their building. Ragini and Aditya comes out.

Ragini- Thanks for the dropping us home Karan.
Aditya- And Sanskar as well.

Ragini ignores his comment and goes towards her apartment followed by Aditya.

Sanskar – Manner less girl, I was driving the car but she only thanked you.
Karan in a teasing tone- Are you jealous??
Sanskar – I will kill you Karan.

Karan laughs and they leave.

To be continued..

Sorry for a short update but everytime I am running out of time. Will try to post longer chapters from next time. Hope you all liked it, please do comment. Thank you.

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