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Ragsan a love story episode 1

Hi frds sindhura is back but before that i want to say that i cant be regular because my health is not good and i cant spend more time on writing continuosly like before hope you understand me and my health issues…
Lets go to story …..

Ragini kashap :- a sensible lovely girl who is always ready in boots to helps others..
Only daughter of millionair dad madhav kashap and only sister of ajay kashap…
Alot pampered ,after all being millionaries they all were down to earth…
Sanskar thakur:- a big joviafull and alot of arrogent ,stubborn and short tempered because after death of their parents he and his Sister when to their chotai papa who is just behind their property..

After being age 20 sanskar gave more than half property to his chotai papa and cane out from that house having only one business with him and from their he turned that lakhs business to millions business and became a sucessfull young dashing business men of society elders respect him for his hard work and youngster took him as example his world revolves around his sister sanjana…
Sanjana is a lovely and shy girl who never go against his brother wish as he is very thing to her..


Sanskar is a workholic but respects his all employess including watch mens and servents..
Sanjana is a law student and classmate of ragini.
Both were best students in their .
Alok ad sanjana both fathers were Frds and relatives too….
Sanjana has a loves alok and he belong to a rich family but not as much sanskar..
They both were in love from their first year but confessed in 4th year ending…
They both knew they both family issues..
They decided to say about them to sanskar onces they got settled..
But sanjana lover alok has a garments bussiness and he joined in their own company as a legal lawyer……


A person is getting down from car and says..
No means no i want that one only as its my sister faviorite one ok.
Get it by in 3 days because its her birthday and i hate delay in work and lazyness…
Here a room is shown a big bed and a person was sleeping by covering bedsheet upto her lips where her closed eyes can seen.
Two persons were entering into her room one middle aged person is walking with out maiking sounds and another young man is walking normally.
Madhav holds ajay hand and says walk slowly she will get disturb and her sleep will brake..
Ajay:- come on day if earth quake also comes na she wont wake up.
Madhav:- shut up..

They both goes towards her about to shout in her ear ..
Before that rags shouts and gets up immediatedly…
Ajay and madhav both closes their ears..
Ajay shuts her mouth to stop her from shouting …
But ajay starts shouting because rags is bitting him.
Aftwr few seconds rags leaves him and ajay rubs his hands and says ..
Ajay:- are you a dog why do you bite me.

Rag:- why you closed by mouth then.
Ajay:- to stop you from shouting.
Madhav:-if you are already wake up then why you didnt come down.
Rags:- because i want to see your both faces at a time thats why.
Ajay and madhav both laughs and hugs each other…..
Scene shifts..
Sanjana is getting ready and hears a knock sound turns and finds to sanskar standing near door ..
Sanskar:- can i come in.

Sanjana:- from when you are asking permission bhai..
Sanskar:- from when my sister started growing up.
He comes and hugs her and says ready for college..
Sanjana:- yes..

Sanskar:- today i will drop you and i will try to pick you also..
Sanjana:- ok..
They both gets inside car..
Here madhav and ragini is driving his car and another side sanskar is driving car.
Sanskar drops sanjana and says bye to him and reverses his car by passing ragini car..
Ragini and sanskar face each other from car but didnt notices each other..

Precap:- ragini masti in college..
Sanskar strictness in office..

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