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RagLak: that night changed my life ( ONE SHOT BY KASHISH)

Hey guys kashish here with her third os…..hope you guys like it too…thanks for your response in my both previous os…this one is a raglak os…
One shot
We see a boy was sleeping peacefully….when his phone rings…. he gets up from his peaceful sleep….the boy is revealed to be laksh maheshwari…….the boy says laksh get up fast don’t u want to come to college early otherwise you will get scold…. laksh says arre tune kya kiya mein deepika padukone ko propose karne hi wala tha.. mera sapne ko chur chur kar diya… the another boy speaks up today there fresher’s will be there we can rag them as we are there seniors…laksh says yes we will make them do the things which we want..
Laksh maheshwari: – a devil playboy who wants to take revenge from someone (that is suspense it will be revealed soon ) because he thinks that the person committed a big crime….
Laksh leaves for the college…. he meets his friends gang…. they hug each other… then a fresher enters the college… she was wearing a yellow anarkali… and she was carrying some books in her hand and she was wearing a big spectacles… the girl is revealed to be swara gupta….laksh and his gang laughs seeing her…they call her to come here…. she comes there.. laksh goes to her and says miss behenji abhi dance karo hiya pure college sabke samne…. swara cries listening this….then ragini enters there she was wearing a pink crop top and blue denim jeans… she says laksh and your gang how dare you to rag her and tease her in front of the college….she asks the girl what is your name…. the girl says swara..ragini says let’s leave from here swara no need to listen to this stupid monkey gang…. everyone laughs on laksh and his gang…. laksh gets very angry and tightens his fist….he was in full of rage and anger…he thinks of a plan and smirks seeing ragini…..
The next day
Laksh goes to Ragini and says I am really very sorry for ragging swara and teasing her in front of the college….. Ragini says it’s okay and was about to leave…when laksh stops her and says woh if u don’t mind can we be friends…. Ragini says okay friends… she forwards her hand and shake hands with him… every day laksh used to drop and pick up her from the college…. they used to enjoy every day together… they used to have pani puri competition every day and then chat and at evening they used to go to beach and at night they used to have ice cream and then go to long drives together… sometimes they used to watch movie whole night and have popcorns together….. like this there bonding grow with each other more and more….. One day laksh kneels down in front of Ragini and proposes her in front of the whole college all girls get jealous seeing this…. everyone shouts say yes yes…. Ragini says yes laksh I love you so much… and hugs him he too also hugs him and smiles evilly….
They used to spend day and night together… One day laksh takes her to his farmhouse… there was candle light dinner and there was heart shape in which raglak was written and they were rose petals on the bed…. they have candle light dinner together…. and laksh asks Ragini for a dance… they both dance sensually and romantically… then laksh sees towards Ragini lips…. Ragini nodes in positive sign…. laksh puts his lips on Ragini soft lips…. they both kiss passionately…. it was a romantic one… then they both stop due to lack of oxygen… then laksh says can I make u mine forever…. Ragini says yes you can….. he takes out her dress and starts kissing her everywhere he enters into her he kisses her cleavage br**** and then he kisses her b***s he kisses her everywhere…. they both enjoy their romantic night…
Next day
When Ragini gets up from her sleep…. she sees laksh was nowhere to be found…. she reaches her home as soon as she enters…her father gives her a tight slap she falls down on the floor with a thud…. she cries and asks what happened dad…. her dad says please don’t call me your dad with your dirty mouth… he then shows a video… where raglak consummate…she says how this happened.. who send u the video… her dad says laksh maheshwari…. Ragini was totally shocked and numb… she leaves from there and goes to her college.. everyone was gossiping badly about her… she goes towards laksh and gives a tight slap to him… laksh laughs seeing her… Ragini says how dare u to play with my feelings…. how dare u to snatch my dignity and self respect from me….how dare u laksh how can u stop so low… I hate you laksh for just saying you and your gang stupid monkeys…. you played with me…. I am leaving from here… don’t dare to show me your face ever…. she leaves from there crying….
So many days passed…. laksh felt very guilty and angry on himself….. he became dull and pale in this days laksh realised how much he loved Ragini and he cannot live without her…. one day he sees Ragini but she avoids him and was about to leave but laksh holds her and takes her to temple and marries her forcefully…. laksh takes Ragini to his house…. all family members accept her…..
At first night

Laksh says Ragini I am sorry Ragini I am very guilty and angry on myself for my deeds… please forgive me I am saying I really love you so much… I cannot live without u…. Ragini says sorry will not do anything you have to bear my punishment then I will think to forgive you or not…. he accepts he did all the works and bear all the punishments given by Ragini…
After two months he completes his challenge…. Ragini says hmmm I have forgiven u laksh I have seen true love for me in your eyes… I love you laksh I love you so much…. they both consummate their marriage and lived happily ever after…
The end…
So guys how was the raglak os… hope you guys like it too… so it’s a bye from kashish… love u all and take care….


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