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RagLak SS: our trust and pure love for each other(prologue)

Hey guys kashish here with raglak short story… hope you guys like it too….
Prologue: –
We see a person…… walking alone in the streets…she was thinking how her life changed in seconds… her own family left her… because she ran away with her lover on her marriage day… and he cheated her when she returned… her own family thrown her out of the house… no one gave her a chance to speak… she was all alone…. she goes to a coffee cafe… their a boy was sitting… she sits near him… he asks why are u all alone… she tells him everything how her family thrown out her and how her lover betrayed her… the boy says oh if u don’t mind for few days u can stay with me in my house.. When u will get a job u can search for a new house…… the girl says thanks for the help by the way I am Ragini what is your name… the boy replies I am laksh…. they both leave to his house…
Prologue ends…
So guys how was it I finally got a new concept… as many requested so here is the raglak short story it will be ended in 10 or 11 parts… so it’s a bye from kashish… love u all….

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