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Raglak ss- ongoing track (part 1)

Hey guys it’s ur teja here I just get fed up of this stupid track so I m here to give u some romantic moments of raglak so I start
Story start with dp get a heart attack all the family rush him to hospital
Lakshya and Sanskar went to adarsh to get help of money but insult them and they trio got into fighting?

Ragini is here tensed so she went in mm and see the scene she get angry and think how can raise a hand on my husband she give a tight also to parineeta
Parineeta is crying now
Here ap,sujata,ragini and swara sold their jewellery to jeweller to get some money for dp treatment


Laksh is silently crying ragini went to him and console him and they both hug each other and ragini kiss him on forehead
And swasan. Is sitting holding each other hand

Precap- dp is in home,romance between both the couple’s
Sorry for the short update

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