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RAGLAK SS: Life full of happiness (Introduction)

Raglak ss: Life full of happiness by Crystal and sriya: Introduction
Hello guys this is sriya (writer of SHRAMAN: best friends or lovers SIDMIN: love story of a police officer 5 shots and many more) and crystal(writer of FFS RAGLAK: Love me like you do and SWASAN_A journey of being stubborn to falling in love) presenting a short story. Hope you guys sit back and enjoy this short story.

The characters are
1 Ragini gadodia: a 25 year old girl. Helps her dad in business. But she wants to earn on her own and be independent. She also wants to all the work after getting permission from her parents. She is short tempered and lacks patience. She is in search of a method where she can ease her anger and increase her patience level. Her interests are dance, art and she is also a highly qualified person.
2. laksh maheshwari: a 27 year old boy. Who is calm and composed. Respects his family… Loves his sister that he can do anything for her. A shrewd business man and gem by heart.
3. Shekhar and sharmishta gadodia: parents of Ragini and very good friends of maheshwari’s.
4. Durgaprasad and Annapurna maheshwari: parents of laksh and very good friends of gadodia’s.
5. uttara maheshwari: Laksh sister and a very passionate dancer
Only their parents know each other their kids haven’t meet each other.
Balance all recurring character and will be introduced as and whne required.


This is a story of how a girl with high ambitions, but due to lack of patience is not able to achieve her dreams or in short she is confused… she lacks patience but she is perfectionist at the same time. her parents are her moral support she never does anything against her parents wish. On the other hand her would be husband is ready to give her all happiness and is supportive… His family is very modern but they know their limits. The story is how they meet…
It’s a very short story… Hope you guys enjoy and bless us with all support. So it’s a bye from sriya and crystal. Love you all

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