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RAGLAK SS: Life full of happiness by Sriya and Crystal : Chapter 1

Raglak SS : Life is full of happiness by Sriya and Crystal : Chapter 1
Hello Guys thanks for the support that you guys have showed us your support for the intro that we gave.. Now lets sit back and enjoy this cute little journey…

At the Gadodias Side

It was the month of July and there were two people (aged) sitting nervously and looking at the computer screen. There was one lady doing prayers at the Temple.. All three were sitting silently and doing silent prayers.

Actually it was time for CA Final results. All were very scared and they were praying for their daughter’s success. None were moving from their sits nor were they eating or drinking anything. They just wanted that their daughter gets all success in her life. They are a very supportive family. They just have one daughter and are very proud of her. She after completing her college, she got bored and hence she decided to do CA. She always wanted to try new things but she also made sure that she helped her dad in his business. She managed CA as well dad’s business very well. But when she got angry no one could stop her. Her parents always told that she lacked patience.

The hard work that she did for past three years, it was the day where it would be found if she has earned fruits for her hard work or she had to struggle more in her life. The screen showed the results are announced. Before typing the roll number, the girl took blessings of her parents and then typed her roll number.
She closed her eyes after entering all the details and then her parents screamed

(Shekhar) – Congratulations Beta!! You have done it.. I am proud of you.. My Ragini is the best

(Sharmishtha) – Congratulation meri Laddo..

Ragini again took their blessings and went and bowed her head in front of God. She was very happy.
Now everyone started feeling growling from their stomach and they decided that they would go out for Lunch to celebrate her victory.
Then they all had gone to Ragini’s favourite restaurant. After placing the order

(Shekhar) “Beta, what are your future plans.”

(Ragini) “I really don’t know Papa, I know I have completed this course but I just took it as a challenge. I a really not sure what I want to do. I know I want to do something and be independent. But what I have no idea” (her face had fallen when she was telling her heart out to her dad. She felt bad that she was not able to give him a proper answer about her future)

(Sharmishtha) “Chalo, end this topic here. Don’t feel bad.. Today my Laddo has achieved something big. Once she understands, she will achieve her dreams also. Anyways (towards Shekhar) laddo is helping you in your business, so let her continue with that. Her knowledge will help you improve the business. (To Ragini) Beta, just chill maar. No tension. Remember “Life is full of happiness” don’t ever get demotivated.

(Ragini) “Thank u ma. You are world’s best mother”

(Shekhar) “Waah Beta, You forgot your dad. Who always helps you when you need your salary?”

(Ragini chuckling and said) “That’s your duty Papa after all I work for you. You have only taught me that Personal and Profeesional life needs to be kept separate.”

(Shekhar) “My daughter is a cheater”

Then all had an heary laugh. When the food had come they all started enjoying food and then they left back to their home. Though Sharmistha had supported Ragini, somewhere down the line Ragini felt that she had to do something but what she was totally clueless.
Ragini was a short tempered girl. She was ambitious but the problem with her was she got bored easily and she lost her patience when it got to her head. She didn’t know how to balance her mind.. her anger was uncontrollable when the work was not done in the way she expected. She always wanted perfection and speed but never was that done.

On the other Side

(Third Person’s POV)

A boy blindfolds a girl and takes her to somewhere. The place where he has taken is a 1500 square feet dance studio. The studio when opened has a reception. Then on the right hand side it has lockers for the instructors and students. It has one big office cabins with enough space where instructors can sit and relax. That room had laptops kept for the instructors. The dance has been painted colorfully so that even kids will like it. The dance studio also has a small Kids area, in case if there are kids of the students then they can keep their kids in the play area and the mothers and fathers can concentrate on dance. The kids area had two caretakers to manage the kids. The kids could play in that area. It had all facilities like playing, drawing, board games etc. Then came the beautiful Dance Arena. The Arena was huge. It could accommodate nearly 100 people. As soon as anyone enters, they could find a huge mirror where the students can see the choreographers and learn. The colour of the dance arena was shades of yellow and orange. It was so designed so that anyone who enters would find peace, patience and they could start a fresh just like how people start every morning. It was just like morning sunlight.

(The Boy spoke as soon as he opened the blindfold of the girl) : Surprise !!! Mera Bacha”

(The Girls’ POV) As soon as my blindfold was opened, I saw a dance studio’s board named “Let’s Dance By Utt”. It was a dream of mine to open a dance studio. I understood that it was my dance studio. I had tears in my eyes. I looked towards the Man who made my dream come true.

(Girl) She went and hugged that boy and said “Thank U Laksh Bhai, if you wouldn’t have been there this dream of mine would never have become true so early. Thank u soooo much”

She hugged him tightly and her tears started flowing out of her precious eyes.

(Laksh) “No Mera Bacha, You should not cry even if they are happy tears. I have invested in this business of yours so I want results.”

(Uttara) “I know bhai that your investment is my happiness and I am sure you will get return. I know how much you dislike dance and still you have supported me. So thanks for that. By the way Bhai where are Mom and Dad”

(DP and AP) “If you have finished your talks could you please give us the opportunity of hugging our children?”
Laksh and Uttara laughed. They walked towards their parents and hugged them.

(Uttara) “Thank U Ma and Papa. You are the world’s coolest parents. Thank you for permitting me to pursue my dreams”

(DP Jokingly) “Don’t worry beta, even when you get married we will make sure he is from the same city so that we don’t have to close down this place. Nahi toh hamara nuksaan ho jaayega. You see then our income will go from our hands.”

All burst out laughing at this joke of DP

(Third Person’s POV) DP and AP are the coolest parents. They always allowed kids to pursue their dream. They also believed that women can handle both house as well as work. Though AP was a house wife because of DP her thinking changed. So she never restricted Uttara. Being cool parents, their kids also never hid anything from them. They shared everything with their parents. Even if they had to go for late night parties, they told their parents. DP and Ap always believed that do whatever you want but never cross any limits. Laksh and Uttara also followed the same.

Precap : Maheshwaris and Gadodias meet

Hope you guys liked it… Keep supporting us… So it’s a bye from crystal and sriya. Love u all….

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