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RagLak – Our Weird Relationship (Episode 38)

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Swara: near you room window he was looking at what our guys were doing
Laksh: WTH!!!
Swara: (she tells him everything and she told them what she heard what he was talking about and they decided to go the café…)
Sanky: we should go there and know what they are up to and its 9:30 so we should get going
Laksh: sure come

They leave to the café, the got there before Karan and Krystal, they went at sat Karan and Krystal’s table was reserved…
Just then Krystal and Karan came they were taking about something and then he said his plan.

Swaragini and SanLak heard everything as they set a microphone under the table so that they can know what they’re talking about…

After that they went and was think about what to do…

Swara: what are we going to do now?
Laksh: let’s act
Ragini: Act?
Sanskar: yes, his correct
Swara: like what?
Laksh: how they planned to break mine and Rags relationship
Ragini: yes, fine we will have a fight for some random reason okay?
Sanskar: what would the reason be?
Swara: Laksh talking to a girl and hugging her and Ragini saw that?
Laksh: does it have to be me?
Ragini: yes!
Sanskar: yes that’s a good ideal
Swara: when do we start the drama?
Laksh: so you all decided already?
Ragini: yes, today right know
Sanskar: how?
Ragini: we are literally outside the café so if we fight here right now Krystal and Karan would enjoy it? What do you say?
Swara: Super, but where do you find a find
Laksh: call someone like you friend or something
Sanskar: actually the right person Roshini Bhabhi
Swara: awesome we will explain everything to her
Laksh: yes, okay
Ragini: call he someone quickly
Sanskar: I’ll call her…

Sanskar calls Roshini and explains everything and she says okay…

Swara: doesn’t Krystal know Roshini Bhabhi?
Laksh: nope she doesn’t
Ragini: okay come she’s here
Sanskar: let’s start

Karan and Krystal comes outside of the café and see’s Laksh hugging
Someone as they do not know who the person is….

Just then Ragini came and pulled Laksh away…

Ragini: What the hell are you doing with her
Laksh: I just saw her we were just saying hi and talking as it has been a long time
Roshini: yes, Ragini don’t mistake us
Ragini: why can’t I a married man hugging a lady in the middle of the road, I can’t believe it I got cheat buy you… how can you cheat me
Krystal and Karan were really happy; to see them like that

Ragini: Laksh you are a father of three and hugging a girl in the middle of the road shameless…
Laksh: what the hell Ragini is that all you trust me?
Ragini: yes, I got cheated by you…
Laksh: please believe me
Ragini: you know I should have just accepted Karan’s proposal than marrying you and getting cheated by…
Laksh: oh so you believe him more than me?
Ragini: yes
Laksh: then I should have accepted Krystal’s proposal then… she would have been Perfect match for me…
Roshini: because of me you guys are fighting I’m really sorry…

Just then Ragini turns and see’s Karan and Krystal:

Karan: what happen Ragini?
Ragini: narrates everything to him and he gets happy
Krystal: Laksh just forget about her can come with me…
Ragini: before that I want divorce, so that we can move our lives on…

To be continued……

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