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RagLak – Our Weird Relationship (Episode 37)

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Swara (to herself) I have to tell Laksh and Sanskar about this…
Calls Sanskar…
Swara: I need to talk to you come to the park tomorrow at 9am okay?
Sanky: yes… I will

Next morning,

RagLak’s room

Ragini wakes up and looks at Laksh and smiles and pecks his lip…
Laksh wakes up

Laksh: good morning
Ragini: morning
Laksh: how was last night? (winks at her)
Ragini: chii Laksh you’re going to be a father of 3 and your being naughty chii chii
Laksh: Ragini baby so what I’m romancing and being naughty with my wife so what wrong with that?
Ragini: ok nothing is wrong
Laksh: that’s what I thought
Ragini: Laksh imagine we didn’t fall in love and you accepted Krystal’s proposal and I accepted Karan’s proposal what would have we done
Laksh: I actually can’t imagine a life without you know and trust me I wouldn’t have accepted her proposal and would you have accepted Karan’s proposal?
Ragini: yes, of course (winks at him)
Laksh: really? (in a serious face)
Ragini: I’m kidding I love you (kisses his lips and goes to the bath room)

Laksh’s phone rings it was Swara
Laksh: yes, Swara tell me
Swara: come to the park asap with Ragini
Laksh: why?
Swara: don’t ask me now COME!!!
Laksh: okay coming

They all meet at the park…

Sanskar: what happen Swara? Why did you call us?
Ragini: is anything wrong?
Laksh: TELL US!!!
Swara: I overheard someone talk yesterday
Ragini: who?
Swara: Karan:
Laksh: What??
Ragini: he didn’t come where was her?
Sanskar: who’s Karan now?
Swara: near you room window he was looking at what our guys were doing
Laksh: WTH!!!
Swara: (she tells him everything and she told them what she heard what he was talking about and they decided to go the café…)

To be continued…

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