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RagLak – Our Weird Relationship (Episode 36)


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… they consummated…

All of this was watched but a pair of eyes which were red she/he was fuming anger…

Person1: how can you do this Ragini I love you so much, but you never loved me
(he called someone)

Person1: hello, I have a plan… (muted)
Person2: the plan is good when shall we execute it?
Person1: soon Krystal (yes, the person who answered the call was Krystal)
Krystal: okay Karan see you tomorrow (the person is Karan)
Karan: I want Ragini at any cost
Krystal: same as you I want Laksh at any cost
Karan: I will meet you at abc café tomorrow at 10 o’clock

This conversation was all over heard by Swara… she got shocked…


At a Shopping mall…

Ragini and Swara were shopping two years’ back
When Ragini and Swara were about to go to a café

Karan came to them
Ragini: who are you?
Karan: Ragini Karan from high school
Ragini oh hey Karan long time no see
Karan: yep, I missed you
Ragini: why should you miss me?
Karan: ok Ragini I don’t want to hide my feeling no more
Ragini: what?

Karan: yes, Ragini I loved you from High school but I didn’t tell you I love you so much please accept my proposal?
Ragini: no I cannot, listen Karan I’m in a relationship for 3 years, with my childhood best friend and love we have loved each other since childhood his name is Laksh Maheshwari, and both our families know about our relationship we are going to get married in two years’ time…
Oh look his here now…
Hi Laksh…
Laksh: what happen why did Swara call me? And told me to come here
Swara: because of him he is proposing to your girlfriend
Karan: but Ragini my love for you is true please leave him and come to me
Ragini; excuse me so are you saying me and him are in a 3 years’ relationship and your saying our relationship isn’t true?
Karan: yes, only I love you, please dump him
Laksh: what the hell are you saying man our love is since childhood but we weren’t in a relationship then but now we are… we love each other so much no one can separate us…
Come let’s go Ragini
Karan: Ragini please
Ragini: no Karan just move on
Laksh: Ragini now come home…
Swara: let’s go guy
They left while Karan was Crying…

FB ends….

Swara (to herself) I have to tell Laksh and Sanskar about this…
Calls Sanskar…
Swara: I need to talk to you come to the park tomorrow at 9am okay?
Sanky: yes… I will

To be continued…

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