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RagLak – Our Weird Relationship (Episode 27)


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They went to the hall and asked Sid and Roshini if they were coming with them to the hospital:
Sid: yes, of course I would be coming with my Angel
Roshini: yep I am deffo coming

They get going to the hospital…

At the hospital…

Doc’s cabin:

Doc: first time in my experience in these 3 years you are my first patient to have triplets I’m happy
Laksh: thank you doc all because of me (winks at Ragini)
Ragini: (blushes) stop it Laksh
Sid: Naughty Laksh and doc what do we have to do know?
Doc: we have to take some tests and then all you need to do is take care of my of patient OKAY?
Roshini: ofc doc we will do anything for my angel

They leave and return as they were preparing for the engagement, everything was done
Finally, at the engagement
Swaragini and SanLak came they were looking handsome and beautiful…
The guests were mesmerised to see them

Girl1: he looks handsome I wish he becomes my husband
Girl2: I know both of them are which one are you talking about
Girl1: I am talking about Laksh
Girl2: oh yes his body is just so hot

The scene moves to some boys

Boy1: look at her man she is hot af
Boy2: who are you talking about both of them are the same
Boy1: just look at Ragini she is hot
Boy2: yes, she he is lucky to get her as a fiancé and wife to be
Boy1: yes, man I wish I was him
Suddenly Laksh overheard their conversation and went to them and say
Laksh: hey guys I hear what you were talking about
They both were shocked that he heard what they said
Boy1: sorry
Boy2: sorry

Laksh: no worries I am actually happy to have her as my wife to be
Boy1: yes, you are very, very luck
Boy2: how did you get her
Laksh: (serious) we have known each other since childhood and we are in a relationship for 5 years with our parent’s permission
Boy2: oh that’s nice
Boy1: (shocked) oh so how did you flatter he

Laksh: (angry) enough she is pregnant with here of my children okay do not try and flatter her or impress my wife to be okay?
Boy1: (shocked) 3 children
Boy2: (shocked) 3 children
Laksh: yes, we are having triplets
Boy1: con…con…congratulations
Boy2: oh congrats…

Laksh walks away from there, Ragini was near them and heard everything she liked his jealousy and care toward her…
The engagement starts…

To be continued…

Guys I am thinking for finishing my ff at my 30th episode, what do you think?

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