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Raglak o.s- ongoing track ( blackmailing) – 2

Guuyzz thanku for supporting keep commenting and I have crossed 50 comments on my o.s including.mine thanku so much ?? so I have think to write a another os

Blackmailer is to be revealed as adarsh only ragini knew it
At midnight blackmailer messaged ragini to come out ragini think what to do laksh is sleeping holding ragini waist .. she hold lakshya hand and keep it aside laksh talk in sleep what r u doing ragini .. sleep with me come in my embrace and smile in sleep ragini- lakshya I m feeling suffocating so I m going in Terrance laksh- ok come fast and sleep with me go he change his side
Ragini went outside and start searching for adarsh
Adarsh came adarsh- wow ragini u really love ur brother see u came by telling lie to ur loving husband .. see now u have to do what I said by this step four life r going to destroy he laugh
Adarsh- u have to do a drama of memory loss and get separated from laksh and act like u love Sanskar and he is ur husband ..
Ragini get shocked and said- what r u blabbering r u crazy how can u do this to ur both brothers
Adarsh – ha just for property
Do as I said nahi to ur chotu will gone
Ragini went to room and see laksh is holding pillow to feel that ragini is in his embrace ragini think how can u live without me when u don’t sleep without me laksh but I have to do something for saving my chotu sorry laksh
Next morning- ragini get freshen up she is just tucking her saree just then laksh came and hug her from back laksh- start kissing her neck and inhaling her body smell .laksh- ragini my jaan plz don’t go to baadi and that to be four days plzzz
Ragini- laksh ma ko gandi jarurat h
Laksh- aur mujhe

Ragini pecked his lips and said- u know I will come back soon
Laksh smile and peck her cheeks and they both went down when ragini is coming downstairs she fall down and get unconscious laksh shout her name laksh- ragini my bachaa utho plz laksh call doctor and inform her about ragini doctor check ragini and informed ragini has a memory loss laksh break down in front of ragini when ragini open her eyes she saw laksh and get teary eyes and think sorry laksh plz forgive me I love you
Ragini – Sanskar where is my sanskar where is my husband I want him
All shocked ragini rocked
Laksh shocked and call Sanskar to come back home as ragini think that ur her husband
Sanskar come and see ragini condition and try to manage convince swara
Swara- plz ragini ke sàth raho
Laksh run from there and swara leave them alone ragini close the door and went to washroom and called someone
Caller- Ra…
Ragini – don’t call my name come out from the home
Caller – u scared me
Ragini- don’t worry I m fine I m just doing it for my chotu u have to find proof against adarsh Bhaiya
Laksh shock ( caller is laksh)
Laksh- apna dhyan rakhna luv u
Ragini- luv u too
At night laksh come late at home he see sanrag r sleeping in same bed he clench his fist and move to his room and start punching his box he think- yeh family nahi drama h pehle swara ab Sanskar or adarsh I m not going to leave them and after adarsh truth come out I will leave this house with ragini she is just suffering for me..
Laksh in morning shout – adarsh come out
Annapurna about at laksh – laksh vo bada h times
Laksh- kam Chote se bhi batar Kare h

All come out and ragini tell all family truth and Shomi bring her chotu baby and said- ki ragini and lakshya ne rescue Karaya ma baao to yeh h bhen se bhi bad kr kaam kiya
Police come and arrest parineeta and adarsh??
And chutkula come (sujata)- are na ma baap to ap h yeh bache khud kr sakte h
Ragini blush and laksh take ragini in his hands and all says all the best ragini laugh and laksh take her to room

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