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raglak-love,hate,obsession part 21

Ragini and Sanskar r doing romance Sanskar is going to kiss ragini on lips
But stop in middle because ragini stop hiM as she getting some flashbacks her head start spinning Sanskar manage her to stand properly
Sanskar- how many times I told u to take care ragini
Ragini –? I m feeling just headache
Sanskar put her through her waist ragini smile and they went to home

In mm
Laksh went to take 1 yr old riya and her mother swara
Swara and riya come and sit in car
Riya- Papa
Laksh smile( riya think that laksh is her Papa)
Swara- riya sit properly
Riya- Papa u know u have eat 6 laof of breads
Laksh- omg u became strong riyu
Riya smile
Swara- u r lier riya
Laksh- swara tomorrow is ….
He stopped and having tears on eyes think tomorrow is ragini birthday
Swara is also having tears in eyes tomorrow is ragini buddday
Laksh- tomorrow is my riyu birthday so what u want my naughty girl
Swara smile


In London
Sanskar make ragini lie on the bed.
Ragini hold his hand and say where r u going?
Sanskar- I m going to give a surprise for my gf
Ragini smile and tickle Sanskar when he is tickling ragini fall on bed and Sanskar on her they share a lovely eye lock
In mm riya- dadi i came
Sujata- are my riyu come came baby
Parineeta- Chachi ji I think we should tell riyu ki laksh is not her father
Annapurna- how many times I told u not to inter in our matters stopped being fooling us

In London
Ragini being naughty kiss Sanskar cheeks
Sanskar- so my gf is becoming naughty ha
Ooo I forget ragini ki we have to go India
Ragini i- on but not tomorrow
Sanskar- ragini I m going fir a meeting dude in mm
Ragini feel stress and murmur laksh
Sanskar- who laksh
Ragini- don’t know wait I wanna kiss tomorrow I wanna hug ,and?
Sanskar – ok

Precap- what happened when they meet ,laksh emotional ,ragini and Sanskar buddday celebration

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