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raglak-love,hate,obsession part 19

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In morning
Ragini wake up and see laksh is not present she get tensed and see the time 10 am she shocked
Ragini- how can u sleep too much I m dam sure parineeta bhabhi is going to create a scene of me god please save me
She went down

Annapurna – ragini how u wake u early u should sleep beta see it’s ur first trimester u should be careful na go and sleep
Ragini- ma wo I want jaljeera
Uttara- bhabhi u want to drink jaljeera r u ok
Ragini- hm I m dam sure I want to drink it I m craving for it plzz uttara give me
Annapurna went and make jaljeera for ragini ragini call laksh laksh is not picking the call
She get angry and throw her phone in anger
Laksh is calling ragini but her phone is damaged
So he call on uttara no she pick up the call and answer ki bhabhi is in baadi
Laksh –? how can u all be careless I said to take care of ragini and with whom she went to baadi
Uttara- swara and riya
Laksh- o god
Laksh went to baadi and scold ragini ragini start crying
Ragini- I have called u and u r busy with ur clients so this is not my mistake
Laksh- ragini u r now pregnant got it and u should be alert h know na what doctor said??
Ragini nodded
Laksh- maa plzz use samjhao
Sharmistha – rago- bachaa laksh is saying right
Ok got it
Ragini nodded
Ragini- ma I have little pain in belly what should I do
Sharmistha – ragini baby is growing na that’s why u r. Feeling pain it will be alright
Ragini – ma I feeling some dizziness i m going to my room
Laksh- no let’s go to home u will take rest there
Ragini- laksh plzzz I want to stay here
Laksh – ok maa I will come tomorrow if something happens call me
He kiss ragini belly and ragini cheeks infront of all
Ragini and laksh went to their respective place


In night
Ragini is eating chocolate ice cream and craving for more
Her laksh is not getting sleep because he always sleep with ragini cuddling
Here ragini is enjoying her freedom
In morning sharmistha went to ragini room to inform about laksh
She see ragini is fainted in floor she scream laksh
Laksh rush to her and take ragini to doctor
Doctor examine her
Doctor- Mr laksh she is having high fever and baby is also having fever so u can only do ki give her medicine make her feel better
Laksh- ok doctor

He went to ragini
Ragini is sleeping
Laksh cares her belly and forehead ragini open her eyes
Laksh- ragini r u feeling better
Ragini- laksh I want to go home my home plzz I m feeling suffocation
Laksh nodded and take ragini
All the family members take ragini full care

Precap- kya fir shut hogii eik dastan narrative ki ha than jayrge sare rishte yah hoga eik Janam

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