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raglak-love,hate,obsession part 17

Raglak went to home and laksh tell Annapurna ki ragini is pregnant Annapurna is beyond happy don’t know how to react she kiss ragini on her forehead thank her for giving. This good news Annapurna call dadi for sharing good news both family is happy and swara is pretending to be happy .. ? laksh take ragini to room
Laksh – from now onwards u will not work only take rest he kept his hand on her belly and talk to baby
Hello baby I m ur father and she is ur mother he open his phone to show ragini pic
Ragini laugh – laksh he / she is not understanding because he is small
Laksh- I will make ur routine
He start making her routine
She smile on his care
Swara see this and call a nurse
Swara- how can one week baby aborted
Nurse – a medicine which I msg u give it
In raglak room
Ragini is wearing night saree
Laksh making faces and tell her what is wearing
Ragini- saree
Laksh- wear night gown loose clothes will fit for baby
Ragini nodded

In morning
Laksh and Sanskar went to office and Annapurna and sujata went to temple
Swara mix in milk and give it to ragini ragini drink it and scream in pain she act like mad
Just then Sanskar came for his file he see ragini screaming in pain he take her and rush to hospital
Laksh come in hurry in tears ask to doctor what happened
Doctor- it’s a deliberate attempt for miscarriage ii only warned u that ragini is weak and child is heavy but u pay no heel to it
Laksh meet ragini
Laksh- ragini what have u eat
Ragini – laksh it hurt a lot she cry
Laksh hug her and tell her that everything is fine
Ragini- laksh its hurting plz do something
Laksh- have some courage u r strong girl plz
Ragini crying Annapurna come and give a kada to ragini she drink it and feeling better
Here in swasan room
Sanskar slap swara
Sanskar- u no know how cheap u r bl**dy woman u want to kill a child u r also becoming a mother how can u do this swara how can u
Swara scream in Sanskar – yes I tried to abort baby because I love laksh now also and this baby is unwanted
Sanskar – leave from here right now
Swara – no no no I love laksh I will leave here


In raglak
Now ragini is feeling much better but still having pain in her belly laksh is trying to talk to her but she is in unconscious state
Laksh take ragini to home
Laksh- swara come downstairs
Swara come happily
Laksh slap swara Annapurna scold laksh
Laksh- u how can u take a baby life swara what happen to u I know u love me but I don’t love u see now I moved on u should also move on na
Ragini come – swara have u ever realise ur baby movement
Swara is having tears
Ragini- u love Sanskar now u r not accepting it but when u realise na it will took late
She goes laksh follow
First time swara is not faking her tears
Swara- Sanskar plzzz maaf kr do
Sanskar went

In raglak room
Laksh is caring ragini belly
Ragini is sleeping but suddenly she feel pain and scold laksh
Ragini- what r h doing I have pain
Laksh- u r very naksadi
Ragini roll her eyes – when u become mother na then u realise how painful it is
Laksh- talking nonsense now sleep I m bringing milk for u
Ragini nodded
Swara come in ragini room
Swara- u r becoming mahan n mahan na
Now I will see how ur baby comes
Laksh comes and Fi e reply to swara – u r such a bad woman who use to play with relations
Ragini feel bad but smile to laksh

Precap- ragini late night tortures,swara and Sanskar patch up ,swara delivery

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