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raglak-love,hate,obsession part 14

One month later
Ragini is still in baadi and laksh is totally merged in business he never talk to anyone family members ask both why they live separate
Both answer is nothing
Annapurna call ragini and said her ki tomorrow is karvachauth and you have to fast for laksh so I m sending laksh in night come with her
Ragini- ma don’t send laksh I will come myself
Annapurna – no I m sending laksh so come with him it’s my order and yes bring all ur clothes its long time that u r staying here
Ragini unwillingly nodded

In night Annapurna call laksh
Annapurna-laksh be fast u have to pick ragini
Laksh- ma she will come my herself
Annapurna scold laksh
Laksh- ok maa but plz tell her ki she will be on time i m just reaching there in 30 minutes so tell her ki come outside I m not going to wait
Annapurna – ok


In night
Laksh and ragini reach home and they r being ready for sleep ragini wear a night gown laksh just staring her with anger
Laksh- alot changes in one month ragini u started to wear this kind of clothes m I right
Ragini(with guilt) laksh plz forgive me I just said in anger and then I realise what I said
Laksh laugh- have u done
Ragini cry – sorry laksh
Annapurna come and tell why have u opened the door
Laksh- maa now what happened
Annapurna- I don’t know I just came here to inform both of u ki I need a heir
Laksh- ma what r u talking

Annapurna- see now swara is pregnant and I want ragini to be pregnant
Ragini and laksh stare each other with teary eyes
Laksh- ma when we both r ready we will do it but for now we r not ready see abhi 3 months hue h for our marriage and ragini is also not prepared for it after the miscarriage she is totally broken
Annapurna – I don’t know just need this family heir when u give me good news I will talk to u
She goes
Laksh- ragini if u really think ki I m culprit of this child so divorce me
Ragini- laksh I m sorry just swara tell me ki accident is done intentionally by laksh because he just need u for satisfaction

Laksh shocked and tell ragini ki she same tell him when we r getting married ki u and Sanskar r in love and ragini Sanskar apologies for our baby
Ragini shocked and tell laksh ki we have to get rid of swara
They both hug and kiss each otherragini- laksh

Laksh- hm
Ragini tomorrow is karvachauth so sleep and I know u r something up to she wink
Laksh- ohh my darling let sleep
They both sleep
In morning ragini get ready in dark red blouse green ghagra she look amazing and gorgeous
Laksh ready in Pajama and T-shirt?

Swara is in suit as she is pregnant and Sanskar in formal clothes as he is going to office

Precap- karvachauth romance and maheswari out

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