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raglak-love,hate,obsession part 12

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Ragini and laksh get ready and went downstairs ragini is having teddy in hand and talking with her.
Both men were staring ragini they r going to eat her ..by seeing Sanskar swara feel disappointed by Sanskar as she have a strong love feeling for laksh …
Laksh- mom I want ki me and ragini should go for a trip
Ragini get sad
Laksh- baby what happened
Ragini- laksh me and u will go who will take of my baby
Sanskar- baby ??
Laksh- Sanskar she is saying about her teddy
Sanskar get a relief
Swara- ragini come with me I want to talk with u
Ragini happily nodded and went to swasan room
Swara- ragini did u like teddies
Ragini- yes but I know u don’t have teddy so u take one mine
Swara- u have two teddy
Ragini- yes one is he and one will come
Swara- come but how???
Ragini- actually my baby demanded me for his baby brother so laksh give me pain and he says we have do it twice and after one month baby will be in stomach
Swara-? ragini did laksh hurt you a alot
Ragini nodded yes
In just laksh come and see both girls r talking he went to ragini
Ragini- swara u also try for teddy na
Swara shy laksh shocked he knew that she tell everything to her
Laksh- kiddo let’s go we have to go na
Ragini- yes baby
Swara is staring them with happiness

Sanskar came and the eye lock is full of emotion Sanskar come to swara and tell her that he is going out of town for some work
In raglak room
Laksh – kiddo?
Kiddo- hm baby
Laksh- ? did u tell everything to swara
Kiddo- yes ? she also want a teddy
Laksh smile on her childish nature .
Laksh- kiddo let pack our bag
Kiddo- hm keep my frocks and mini skirt and mu baby ,tops too
Laksh- kiddo u r my wife na so get up and start packing stuff
Kiddo start crying? I knew that u will get me work and I don’t know anything
Laksh- ok I will do it
They both went to London
Ragini is in washroom when she came out she saw something and scream àaaaaaaaaaàaaaaaa
Laksh- what happen kiddo
Kiddo – laksh why u r wearing only ur pants
Laksh- I have already tell u na for trying teddy bear
Kiddo??-no laksh I don’t want it plzzz it hurt a lot
Laksh- ok now let’s see a movie
Kiddo- Spiderman
Kiddo u should be grown up let see twilight
Kiddo?– ok
They start watching a movie and they fall in sleep
In morning ragini is having a high fever and laksh is taking care of her
Rago- laksh I want to go haunted house
Laksh- u r not well na so stop and eat medicine
When she is eating medicine laksh see water is finished so he gave his tea
By drinking tea ragini mouth started to bleed
Laksh being sacred rush her to hospital
Sanskar is the only guy who add poison. In laksh tea
Doctor- may be she is dead or may be she gain memory back I only say that pray to God
Laksh- why God why first my child and then my kiddo plz save her
Here Sanskar is guilty and think to apologize to laksh as he harm his love
Sanskar- laksh I m sorry I want to confess ki I m the only person who is culprit he start tearing as he is geninue I m the only who miscreants everything between u and my love
Laksh shocked


Laksh- Bhai what r u saying
Sanskar – I m sorry and yes I love ragini since we r in same college and when I realise that u and ragini r in love I decided that to get u apart and I click intimate photos of me and her and send to u and parineeta bhabhi starting doing her work by provoking you and the last sin I killed ur child
Laksh shocked,angry start beating Sanskar sanskar being silent feeling his tortures she. Laksh get tired he broke down in Sanskar arm both brothers apologies to each other and start worry for ragini
Laksh- pta nhi kaisi hogii vo
Sanskar- sahi honi don’t worry
Doctor- thank to God we saved ragini u can meet her in some hours
Laksh and Sanskar get happy Sanskar call
Swara – hello
Sanskar – sorry I apologize to both u and laksh now start a new life
Swara smile as she knew he realise his mistake soon. – yes we will

Precap- happy married life

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