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raglak-love,hate,obsession part 11 ( romance special)

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Laksh is seen talking to doctor about ragini condition
Doctor- laksh I m really sorry that I don’t save ur child and be aware of ragini health she might be do something which she never. Done bczzzz her memory is loss and she is in her childhood stage so be aware and I m giving u suggestion if u want to u can marry ragini bcz she is child and it is easy u to convince her
Laksh get happy by seeing a hope he thank doctor and leave to ragini
Ragini is seen sleeping and laksh care her forehead ragini gain consciousness
Ragini- where I m I want Sanskar I want to play with him and I love him
Laksh- ragini lets be friends
Ragini- ok but on one condition u never come between me and Sanskar
Laksh- ok sweetheart

In the evening
Sanskar– ma hurry up I m going to marry ragini today as she is thinking that I m her love
Swara – you should be sad
Sanskar– swara this problem is just for get months
Swara upset went to her room
Laksh – ragini will u marry me
Ragini- no my friend is Sanskar and I want him
Laksh- ragini u know I have a prince and princess doll house if u want na then u have to marry me
Ragini excited
Ragini- if I marry u give my so many toys
Laksh nod
Ragini- ok but Sanskar is going to be upset
Laksh-? no bcz just like u there is a girl swara who play with Sanskar and if Sanskar marry u then swara will take all ur toys
Ragini- no I will marry u
Laksh smile and inform family members about marriage
In the evening
Swara make ragini ready in red lehenga she is looking stunning
Sanskar is drinking alcohol in his room
Sanskar- laksh u r really bustard how can u steal ragini from me how can u he throw bottle in
anger and the bottle broke and the pieces is taken by swara
Swara- I knew it Sanskar why u r really behaving
weird and what happen was just bcz of u if u
want to marry ragini why u betray me Sanskar why
Sanskar smile and tightly hold swara arm she is wincing in pain u know why I marry u
Just because of ragini because she want that I love u and marry u and the scene changes into our marriage and my love with laksh marriage
Swara- if u love ragini then u never done this kind of dirty work
Sanskar- darling I hate u and in the world I love ragini and ragini and I m promising u one day I will be with ragini
Swara crying says Sanskar I wanna ask that have u done planning of ragini miscarriage
Sanskar- ofcourse yes r u silly I m the only culprit and if u tried to tell truth to anybody I will make sure that raglak r no more
He smile and went down bcz sujata is calling them
Raglak is seen taking over as and the marriage happily completed
In the night
Laksh came and close the door
Ragini- baby
Laksh shocked
Ragini- I have heard that if u marry then u should call utlr husband baby and I wanna say something
Laksh- hm tell
Ragini – plz don’t kiss me and don’t do anything bcz it pain alot
Laksh- ragini what r u saying
Ragini- nothing’s give mu teddies
Laksh give her teddies and ragini kiss his lips
Laksh shock and it turn to passionately
Laksh- ragini being naughty ha
Ragini blush .
Ragini – u sleep in couch I and my jaan will sleep on bed
Laksh- jaan?
Ragini- my teddy
Laksh make faces and tell ragini
Laksh- ragini u and me will sleep in bed and teddy will sleep o. Ur side
Ragini happily nod
Laksh trying to cozy with ragini but ragini is busying in her teddy
Ragini- baby
Laksh- hm
Ragini- let’s watch a.movie
Laksh- hmm ragini MMS
Ragini- no vo adult fun
Laksh – come on yr see our baby is sleeping
Ragini happily see her teddy
Laksh- ragini see our baby is demanding for her brother
Ragini- ok we will buy another teddy for him
Laksh ?- ragini he asking for a real brother
Ragini- but how can we bring a baby
Laksh- very simple just cooperate with me
Ragini- ok
Laksh start removing his clothes and ragini is
just staring him and he fall on ragini
Ragini- laksh what r u doing
Laksh- making love
Ragini- is se baby aa jayega
Laksh- hm ?
Laksh start kissing her neck and ragini mOn in pleasure and he forward to suck her br*ast
when he is doing ragini is screaming he is just doing it like mad and when is trying to enter it ragini scream in pain
Ragini- laksh is paining plz don’t do it
Laksh- baby it is compulsory for having baby
Ragini start crying laksh is slowly trying to have s*x laksh- ragini see me
Ragini- ummm
Laksh- it’s natural after sometime there is no
pain and u feel nice
He start doing it slowly ragini is still in pain so laksh start kissing her lips after some time when they ended laksh see ragini is already slept he smile and sleep with her covering them with blanket
In the morning
Laksh see ragini sleeping he start kissing her
ragini wake up and see her in the condition
Ragini- laksh now much time will baby take
Laksh- we have do it again darling
Ragini- no laksh it give a lot of pain
Laksh- ok I will go slow so that u don’t feel pain ok
Ragini happily nodded and went to washroom
And take a shower and wear her black frock here laksh is happy ragini enter and laksh control himself
Laksh- what have u wear
Ragini- my clothes
Laksh- I mean now u r my wife so u have to wear saree
Ragini-?I don’t know how to wear it
Laksh start removing her clothes and make her wear saree they both went down for breakfast
Precap- lot of fun ,romance,and Sanskar conspiracy


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