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raglak-love,hate,obsession part 10 ( miscarriage and memory loss)

Thanku u guys I m really happy that r u loving my ff keep commenting dears
In the morning-
Raglak r sleeping just then they hear a knock laksh wake up first and wear his clothes and slightly open the door and see Sanskar is standing he ask what happened
Sanskar– laksh plzz call ragini I want to talk to her
Laksh- Bhai she is sleeping right now you can talk to her when she wake up
Sanskar– ok
Sanskar see ragini is sleeping wearing laksh t shirt he get sure that there misunderstanding is cleared he think how to separate them now
He went to his room and throw all the things on the floor and he take a glass and cut his hand and having tears in his eyes
Here ragini wake up and told laksh that she is not feeling well laksh ask her what happen
Ragini- laksh I m having a headache plz u go and eat breakfast
Laksh no u also have to come with me
Ragini stand up and went to washroom and take a shower and they both went down
Annapurna – ragini beta jao laksh ke liye nastha de do
Ragini went to kitchen and start preparing breakfast two hands encircle ragini waist ragini knew it who is he
Ragini laksh leave me anyone will come
Laksh- start kissing her neck and squeeze her waist
Ragini- laksh no
Laksh- yes he pull ragini and kiss her lips when they r kissing they hear a voice they apart and get shocked Annapurna is standing there laughing
Annapurna- laksh don’t be naughty and if u go and take ragini too
RaGini stare laksh and laksh laugh
Laksh went to office and here ragini is feeling uneasy
She is having like vommitting sensation and having headache
Annapurna tell her to go to hospital but she resist and went to her room to rest
Laksh and Sanskar is having meeting when meeting got over laksh call ragini and tell her to be ready as he know that she is not feeling well
In the evening-
Laksh and ragini went to hospital and doctor check ragini and and tell to take her blood for checking ragini state
In the evening someone come and take ragini report and see ragini is pregnant by 1 week he is non other than Sanskar … ? Sanskar call parineeta and inform to how to make ragini fall and her baby got aborted
They a plan so that raglak separated and ragini baby also died so they plan a accident in which trio will get apart from each other raglak is seen traveling in car and and they stop car for taking medicines for ragini but someone came and make breaks fail while driving laksh feel that that may be break is fail so he stop the car but car is not going to come in control and they have an accident and some people make raglak to go to hospital and laksh having a minor one but ragini is suffering from miscarriage and memory loss? laksh shocking and start tearing down he think that the baby which is only 1 week is no more and ragini is also leaving him in this thought situation. Laksh went to inform family just then ragini gain consciousness and see Sanskar she stand and hug him Sanskar shocked and as well as happy what to do now he hug her more tightly
Ragini- Sanskar vo laksh will not going to happen our marriage plzzz make him understand that I love you and swara love laksh
Sanskar – don’t worry hum shadi kr lenge
Laksh come and see raglak in this position and get angry ragini sacred and say Sanskar is my husband why u r getting Angry
Laksh shocked and tell ragini tell I m ur husband she get her head stressed she fainted doctor checked her and inform that she is suffering and when she open her eyes u will in front of her so that she think that ur her husband
Laksh sit there and Sanskar seeing ragini with full of loving eyes and think vo chahta tha vo ho rha h
Precap- 2 heart broken ,one marriage ragsan, Sanskar loving moments with ragini ,laksh and ragini face off ? funny vala

Plz guys don’t angry ragsan is for sometime and then the turn will take of 360


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