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Raglak : Love me Like you do : Chapter 31

Raglak : Love me Like you do : Chapter 31

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Chapter 30

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So let’s begin our journey….

Recap : Ragini and Laksh spent some fruitful time

(Ragini’s POV) Weekend went lovely. I started to AP Chachi’s place on Monday. If I stay any further, I knew that he would rush home to see me and I won’t help him in anyway to concentrate. When I reached, no one was home. I put down my luggage and waited in the living room. Half an hour later, Swara came in, out of breath, carrying Payal.

(Swara) “Ragini! I am sorry that I wasn’t home. I went out to meet a friend and I forgot about the time.”

(Ragini) “That’s not a problem. So, here is the little beauty. Come to Bhua, Payal.”

(Ragini’s POV) Payal came to me and started playing in my lap. Unlike other kids Payal was easy to handle she never threw any tantrums around. I was happy seeing her

(Swara) “How is work going?”

(Ragini) “I am taking a break. I need to go back for the change of seasons.”

(Swara) “Did you see Laksh?”

(Ragini Lied) “Not yet.”

(Swara) “When did you become a liar, Ragini?”

(Ragini)) “Not really.”

(Swara) “I heard from Preety that she saw Laksh and you together. What about that? Did you forget we have a common friends’ circle?”

(Ragini) “I didn’t mean to lie but you don’t approve of us being together.”

(Swara) “Not really. Seeing Laksh so accommodating, I don’t mind. But I just pray he wouldn’t change after marrying you.”

(Ragini) “Does Sanskar know that I was staying with Laksh?”

(Swara) “No. I didn’t tell him. He is anyways going to blow the roof even without this coming to his knowledge.”

(Ragini) “What?”

(Swara) “You will see today evening. You picked up the worst timing to show up here.”

(Ragini’s POV) When Sanskar heard I was here, he rushed home sooner than usual. He came hopping mad.

(Sanskar) “Mom, Swara, Out!” He ordered them.

(AP) “Sanky, please……”

(Sanskar) “Shut Up! I have had enough listening to both of you. If Uncle and Arjun hadn’t told me, I wouldn’t have even known what was happening. Both Of You Knew And Kept Me
In The Dark.”

(AP) “We knew that you would disapprove.”

(Sanky) “Of Course! Anyone Would! Anyone With A Sane Mind Would! Out!”

(Sanky to Rags) “Now, Ragini. That engagement, I thought it was just for namesake. What is this about you going out with Laksh?” I see.

(Ragini) “The engagement was for namesake. I am now really engaged to him. See this ring?”

(Sanky) “No one agrees to this.”

(Ragini) “I don’t care. I cannot justify his actions or his personality but I can tell you that I love him. Why are you being mad at me Sanky when you and Swara had come visiting me
you had seen Laksh isn’t it? Don’t you think he has changed? That time you were the one supporting Laksh by your actions when Swara was shouting at Laksh”

(Sanky) “Ragini, Laksh hates you. You hate him. Now, you say that you love him? And moreover I agree he has changed but none of your family members are going to allow.”

(Ragini) “So, how different is this from you? You too didn’t like Swara when you met her. You even insulted her at every chance you got.”

(Sanky) “Ragini, that is different!”

(Ragini) “How is it different, Sanskar? We fought with each other. We showed our bad sides to each other. Yet, we can’t seem to get enough of each other or get away from each other. So, what do you think has gone wrong?”

(Sanky) “Ragini….”

(Ragini) “Sanskar, I have been through this with Dad and others. I don’t want to go another round with you. Besides, he is the only person I don’t have the phobia towards.”

(Sanky) “So, you are with him because you don’t have your phobia acting up with him?”

(Ragini) “No. I Am With Him, Because He Doesn’t Care About My Phobia! He is the reason my phobia doesn’t act up. I can be in the same room with you, Is Because Of Him. I am able to socialise now, Is Because Of Him. I was in love with him from the time I first met him. I just didn’t think that he would also love me back. What is wrong in being happy with your love being reciprocated and being with the one you love? Don’t lecture me, Sanskar! You know exactly what I mean! You waited and waited so Swara would trust you and love you. Laksh is also the same. He waited for me. Why are you against it?”

(Sanky) “Arjun was right. You are being unreasonably stubborn. I have news from Uncle. I really didn’t want to tell you and change your mind before he makes this permanent, but you are just too stubborn. Uncle is excluding you from his will.”

(Ragini) “What?”(In her mind) I just couldn’t believe what he said. Dad is disinheriting me?

(Sanky) “He is not disinheriting you. You will be provided like the rest of them till time of his life. But you will not get a single penny from his estate. He said he was amending his will.”

(Ragini) “Did you really think I am going to fall for this? Fine. Even if Dad disinherits me, and even if Laksh decides to leave me because of this, I won’t regret it one bit.”

(Sanky) “Are you sure?”

(Ragini) “Yes. I am. You got your answer? I am going to my room.”

(Sanky) “What about dinner?”

(Ragini) “Have my share too. I have had my fill for today.”

(Sanky) “Just stop Ragini.. Please just listen to this… I know I was rude when I spoke to you right now but I am happy for you. Laksh was good but what he did was not right. I have seen him and met him at your home as well as at official meeting, he has changed. I am happy for him.. I don’t know whether Uncle and you family will support you or not but I am always there for you.”

(Ragini hugged him with tears in her eyes) “Thank you so much Sanky.. I know you, Swara and AP Chachi will never ever leave me alone. Though you aren’t my own brother I am glad that atleast we are cousins. I love you Sanky. Please be my side always.

(Sanky) “Now enough of Rona Dhona.. Come down for dinner please and also after getting married to Laksh please dont come running to this house when you have petty fights.” Sanskar chuckled.

(Ragini) “Ha Ha Ha!!! Very Funny!! Even if I come I am sure I will go back to him very soon and after all this is my Maika (mother’s house) I can come and go whenever I want” She pouted and both of them again hugged tightly.

(Sanky) “Now let’s go and have dinner”

After having dinner with everyone I went out to my room and locked it. As much as I don’t care if Dad gives me his money or not, I was shocked to hear that he is going to cut me
off the family. He didn’t have to go that far. Did he really think that I would give up on Laksh that way? I could only cry. I really wanted to talk to Laksh. Tell him what dad has decided. But I was scared. Not that he would leave me but he would go to fight with dad. I don’t want them fighting. I want us to be happy together as a family. Can I not get the complete happiness? I cried myself to sleep that night. Two days later, I left there without meeting Laksh. If I see Laksh, I would cry right into his arms.
When I got back to my place, I got more time to spend with Veer Dadaji and Romi because Romi came often and kept me company and Dadaji always called me to his manor whenever he had the chance. When Romi came over, he was always complaining about Laksh and his brothers. But his admiration was evident. Also, he was sharp. He observed things like it was normal to any person. I always had to be on my guard with him though I have nothing to hide. Veer Dadaji was much easier to be around. I started feeling more at home with them. I prayed that they wouldn’t know about my fear of touch. It was almost three months over by the time we felt it. Laksh called often and so did I. Like he promised, he would tell me his problems, though they were petty and simple, I was glad he at least started to talk something. I really wanted to tell him but I decided, it wasn’t going to affect us in any manner. I used to think what do couples chat over phone for so long, but I realised, it was not for chatting that they were always talking. I just wanted to hear his voice. I wonder if he felt the same. Whenever he came over to visit his Dadaji, I went see him no matter what I was doing. He couldn’t stay longer than a day.
One morning, when I was finishing Veer Dadaji’s check up,

(Laksh) “Dadaji!!!! I am here!!!!!

Laksh saw me there. Seeing me, he immediately came over and hugged me. I resisted him but he is strong and I couldn’t budge him.

(VD) “How are you beta? I know Ragini is going to by Future Daughter-In-Law, but you can also hug you old Dadaji, Isnt it?

Laksh hugged Dadaji and took his blessing and all the three sat down.

(VD) “So how long is your holiday?

(Laksh) “A week.”

(Ragini) “Are You sure you are staying here for a week? Weren’t you busy?”

(Laksh answered) “Yes Baby. A long deserved break. Come I will show you out you must be going to the hospital right.”

(Ragini a little sad) “Hey, I was talking with Dadaji!”

(Laksh) “Nope, Now, its me” He sweeped me into a kiss.

(Ragini happy) “Laksh!”

(Laksh) “What? You were so sweet to me before. Why are you so cold now? Do you not like me anymore?”

(Ragini) “I love you and I did not expect such kind of PDA from your side.”

(Laksh keeping his hands on her waist and said) “I Love You too and I missed seeing you. You are my addiction baby. I just want to marry you as soon as possible and keep you for myself”

(Ragini) “I am ready Laksh but its you who has asked me to wait”

(Laksh) “I know. But I guess in another three to four months I would be ready to ask your hand from your family”

(Ragini) “ Really.. I Love You Laksh.. Thank you…Now please Go and have some rest. I should also be getting back.” I gave a peck on his lips and left

(Laksh) “I will drop by later.”

(Ragini) “Bye.”

(Ragini’s POV) As promised Laksh had come the other day and since I had night shift, we spent entire day talking about he is in the process of completion of work and the like.

The next day Dadaji had called by and hence I had gone to meet him. I had a day off. On reaching, we spoke about business world and they asked whether I would continue to be a doctor or come to business world. I told them I wouldn’t mind joining Laksh if he needed help but I wouldn’t dedicate my life to business, I wanted to continue practice. They respected my decision. Then we all had our lunch. While I was bidding them good bye, I never noticed and I tumbled down the stairs very badly and shouted loud in pain. Laksh came running to me as he was bidding me till the gate

(Laksh) “Are you alright?”

(Laksh again when he got no response from Ragini) “Why aren’t you getting up? Are you okay?”

(Ragini) “You need to carry me, Laksh. I think I broke my leg.”
Till then Dadaji had come out and told Laksh “Beta, please take Ragini to the doctor”

(Laksh) “Yes, Dadaji I am taking her and going.”

Laksh lifted Ragini in his arms and made her sit in the car

(VD) “Call after you finish your visit.”

(Laksh) “Yes Dadaji, I will do that.”

Laksh admitted Ragini in emergency and when the doctor came and saw Ragini he was shocked and he started plastering her leg and spoke

(Doctor) “What is this, Dr. Ragini? Did you free fall from a tree? You are not a kid!”

(Ragini) “I am sorry. How long do I have to stay like this?”

(Doctor) “Don’t ask as if you don’t know. You also know that minimum one month of rest and you need to use crutches and start walking. Use crutches atleast for two months”

(Ragini) “What?”

(Doctor) “What ‘What’? Don’t strain your leg.”

(Ragini) “But I stay alone!”

(Doctor) “So what? Isn’t your husband staying with you now?”

(Ragini) “He will leave after his holidays.”

(Doctor) “So? Isn’t his relative, staying here? Stay with them for sometime or you don’t get well with them? Girls these days are not in the least adjusting and respecting.”

(Ragini) “I am in good terms with them. I just didn’t want to burden them.”

(Doctor) “Then, just stay with them. People now a days! Madness! Just go. Come with his relative after a week if your husband’s not here. Go on now. Don’t waste my time.”
I took my crutches and got up.

(Doctor) “Don’t strain your legs! I am warning you, if I think it is not healing, then, I will admit you in and put you on bed rest.”

(Ragini) “I got it.”

(Seeing Laksh, Ragini scowled) “What are you all happy about?”

(Laksh) “Well, finally you get to stay at our place. No matter how many times, Dadaji or I tell you, you don’t stay at you. You insist on living alone. Now, you get to move in.”

(Ragini) “I made a big mistake telling people that you are my husband.”

(Laksh) “Well, it is a plus for me.” He playfully kissed me on the cheek. “I will drop you at home and pick up your things from our house.”

(Ragini) “Its not like I have much choice, do I?”

(Ragini’s POV) He stopped by my place first. He was throwing all the things inside my travel bag. I sat by the bed and watched him.

(Ragini) “Can’t you arrange things?”

(Laksh) “Why bother when we are only five minutes away from taking them out again?”

(Ragini) “You are unarguable.”

(Laksh) “Thank you. Do you need anything else?”

(Ragini) “Nothing.” I pouted.

(Laksh) “Lets get going then. Well, finally you get to move in. What are you so bothered about?”

(Ragini) “Why don’t you understand? We are not married yet! To others here, it is a simple lie I told but it is not true.”

(Laksh) “It is going to happen soon anyway.”

(Ragini) “But not yet. Come on, Laksh. Try to understand. I will call my mom over. She will help me.”

(Laksh) “Why do you hate it so much? As far as I am concerned, you are already my life. It is because of my stubbornness that we are not married. Everyone in home everyone accepts you as a daughter. Why do you hate it?”

(Ragini) “Fine. Do whatever you want!”

(Ragini’s POV) We sat in the car. I really couldn’t make him understand. Already, other than mom no one likes him. I still haven’t talked to him about what happened at home. I don’t want to increase his burdens but he has to know. If he knew, he would drop everything and go talk with them. God knows whatever condition Dad would put. He already decided on disinheriting me.

Recap : Laksh’s and Dadaji’s concern towards Ragini’s

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