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Raglak- love and marriage Part 5

Sorry there is too grammatic mistakes
Episode start wid
A couple facing each other between them there r some cushions ( the couple is raglak) suddenly ragini wake up and get teary eyes by remembering last night incident ( actually last night laksh came in drunken state and talk rubbish and vulgarity to ragini) suddenly laksh wake up and see ragini in tears and start laughing.
Laksh- why r u crying u betrayer u should be happy by seeing my state bcz this state is just bcz of u get lost
Ragini- one month ago u don’t listen to me and now u r blaming for this u don’t know what u have done with me u just get lost I don’t want to talk to u just get lost she start crying .. laksh remember something
Flashback : parineeta and kartik plan a conspiracy to give a crack to raglak relationship just because parineeta is jealous from ragini and swara bcz everyone give them attention not
her.they plan that kartik will act to share some intimate moments with ragini and in this parineeta will come with laksh and by seeing this laksh get broken even he slap ragini without listening the truth bcz ragini is unconscious in this scene.) Even laksh not talk to ragini too much and always speak rudely with her , always come late and in drunken
position . Last night he speakk too much vulgarity to ragini ..
Scene changes here swara is pregnant with their first child and Sanskar is take caring of her too much ..
Annapurna to sujata – ab tum bhi dadi ban jaugi ab mera kya hoga ragini aur laksh to apas m
baat bhi nhi karte
Sujata- jiji don’t worry every thing will be fine just we have too wait for being normal

Laksh went to office and talk with unknown
Caller- ur wife is in our home .. if u want her then come and take her otherwise we will kill her
Laksh- don’t u dare too touch her she is my wife u bl**dy wait I m coming
( Kidnappers r Sanskar and adarsh they know the truth of parineeta and kartik and now they want to tell the truth to laksh) bcz ragini
suffered a lot in this..
Laksh start his car and drive madly he reached where the kidnappers tell him .. when he reached he saw ragini in unconscious state and.
the projector start the whole video of parineeta conspiracy came out to laksh .. laksh start tearing and regret what he did to ragini .
After this ragini gain conscious and laksh hug
her and start crying and apologies to her
Laksh- my love is too weak that I only believed a video against you
Ragini – it’s not ur mistake don’t cry


They r going too kiss but they hear some voice
they apart and saw Sanskar and adarsh come laughing u both r stupid laksh u just believe a video which is made by parineeta bhabhi
Laksh and ragini shocked but they knew what is the reason behind this
They both went to home
At night – laksh lock the room and ragini is going to freshen up when ragini came came she get happy seeing her room which is fully decorated with red rose.
Laksh and ragini sit on the bed and laksh start kissing ragini and neck and ragini hug him and and later they kiss passionately .. and get intimate
After 9 months ragini is in hospital as it is her silvery date and laksh is roaming here and there and suddenly he hear a voice and doctor came and congratulate him and said baby boy and he rush to ragini and take his champ and kiss him swasan also come with their child’s Rita and Aryan and diya cutely ask ma yeh baby Chachi ke pas kyu so rha h swasan and raglak laugh and said bcz he is small baby na that’s why .. later rohan start crying and ragini feed her and laksh take a photo of them


Sorry guys I know this is too short but what to do I m going to focus my ff raglak – love,hate,obession bcz I want to make this ff a unique one
Thanku for supporting me and I want u to keep loving my ff raglak- love,hate,obession ff

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