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raglak -love and marriage (episode 1)

I hope u will love it because I m new member so I m keeping my 100% to my ff raglak -love and marriage..

story start with a lady is sleeping with her hubby and a cute baby bump and her husband is holding her baby bump .. lady got disturbed by sun rays and open her eyes and see her husband is holding her baby bump she peck his lips and going to stand but two mascular arms grabbed her and the guy is laksh and his dear wife ragini (ragini is pregnant 4 months and she had 2 miscarriage before this and this will opened in flashback) laksh- baby where r u going wid my baby? ragini– I m just getting tired by taking rest I need to feel air and our baby also wants to go laksh – ok go but don’t start ur kitchen work again. ragini- oh. Thanku u hubby u r world best hubby she peck his forehead and leaves after taking a bath . But she is ragini she directly goes in kitchen and start making tea for everyone .. sugar box is empty so she stand on stool and trying to get it and she accidentally going to fall but laksh grab her and she calm down but she start crying


laksh get angry seeing this and start shouting on ragini laksh- how u will be so careless ragini u even don’t think about me ,our child u know that I already lose my two unborn kids and again u r trying to abort this one ..also by listening this ragini get sad and start crying and left from their laksh shouts maaa ,swara ,Chachi where r u all just then Annapurna came and said wat happened why r u shouting laksh- ma apko pata h ragini ne aj kya kiya Annapurna – wat laksh describe whole incident to Annapurna – hey bhagwan wat hve u done laksh go and calm her down u no na she need our love and care ………… … flashback – ragini is pregnant by her first child she is very happy but seems patients is not happy she mixes poison in ragini food and she faint and blood is coming from her belly .. and this cause her first miscarriage … after 3 months again get to know she is pregnant but doctor wants raglak to abort

the child bcz ragini us too weak to bear the baby but they r not ready and the baby naturally abort this bcz ragini get shattered but laksh hold her and support her after all this swara got pregnant and gave birth two girls and ragini is very upset by this so laksh decided to have their baby of their own and the night raglak consummate again after1 month ragini gets pregnant ) flashback ends …

laksh run to his room by thinking wat he has said to ragini .. he knock the door again and again but no response he get worried and crack the door and found ragini is having a pool of blood and in fainting position laksh hurrily get ragini to doctor doctor check ragini .. doctor – Mr maheswari I m really glad that after too kuch of blood loss the babies r safe laksh got surprised wat babies doctor- yes babies and be careful ragini is still weak don’t give her tension l laksh hurrily went to ragini ward and ragini is sleeping holding her bump laksh get teary and said u almost scare me I m sorry I told u too.much but I promise u three that I will take care of u just then ragini got consciousness and get angry with lakshya ragini – how u claim me that I m responsible for our kids .. she start crying lakshya calm her down .. and said sorry to three of u ragini get confused and said three lakshya said yes we r having twins and I love u baby ..ragini and lakshya kissed and get ready to go home lakshya already informed both families when ragini arrived home Annapurna scold and love her and hug her and said – thank u for making me dadi ragini blush and goes in her room and sleep just then swara enter and. Congratulate her and tease her and said tum log hmesha hamse age rhthe ho and goes

after 5 months ragini is having a big.baby.bump and she is feeling difficult to stand lakshya help.her to go washroom as she is having pain in her belly she shouts lakshya runs to washroom and pull ragini Up and went to hospital both families arrived and lakshya is stressed as ragini is skipped in washroom just then doctor came and congratulate him lakshya run to ragini ward and see his champs is sleeping in cradle and ragini is still unconscious he slowly cared ragini head and went to his champs they r very similar to laksh laksh went outside and inform that he is now father of two champs all got very happy .. just then babied start crying he went outside and see the scene ragini is feeding elder baby and younger one is crying. Lakshya laugh and says they r next Sanskar and laksh they hug each other …

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