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raglak ff ur my obsession (intro)

hi guys i am back with a new ff on our raglak. i have written few ffs on raglak try to guess who it is
A girl was talking to her mother on phone.
mother:ragubeta its been many days since u went to kolkata cant u takeleave for atleast one day and come to see us
ragini: no mama i have lots of work to do will come later
Just then she. feels a pair of hands around her waist. She looks around to see a boy smiling at her naughtily his eyes filled with lustHe presses
her waist and keeps his head on her shoulder and inhales her scent.
Ragini whispers slowly :Laksh please
Laksh doesnt listen and bites her shoulder.
Ragini shouts in pain

Mother: what happened beta
Ragini: nothing ma an ant just bit me i will talk later bye


She cuts the phone and laksh leaps on her. He kisses her forcefully and rips her dress. He kisses her body wildly and bites her. Ragini stays motionless without making any noise while he starts playing with her br*asts kissing and sucking them. He gets tired and stops the work.

Laksh:go and get me water
Ragini nods and turns to take blanket when he stops her
laksh: go naked as noone is there here except u and me and i want to see ur br*asts move while u walk.
Ragini closes her eyes and walks naked and gets water for him. He takes it and pours it on her br*asts. She gets shocked and looks at him while he smiles and starts licking them.
Laksh:u are one deliscious girl ragini i am going to give u bonus for satisfying my desires without much protest.

He kisses her hard one last time on her lips touches her body with his hands again and leaves.

Ragini lets out a cry.

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