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RAGLAK: a love story of a boy (Prologue)

Hi guys I am new here I am Katrina not Katrina kaif hehe lol just kidding. Anyways I am die hard raglakian and temish fan and a big fan of Ragini/tejaswi. This is my first ff on them if you liked it then do tell me.

Prologue: –
Life will not be as we want to sometimes it is against our choice this is story of a girl Ragini who married laksh kapoor who is a unknown stranger to her unwillingly. She loved someone else none other than laksh cousin sanskar sharma. But laksh loves her deeply madly and unconditionally. One day he gets to know about it and is broken and shattered.
What happens when laksh becomes broken?
Will Ragini understand his true love for her or not?

Will Ragini fall in love with laksh?
Will laksh divorce Ragini or try to make her fall in love with him?
Will Ragini become a hope of ray in his life?

So guys how was the prologue. Love you all for reading it. Hope you guys did liked it. Please do comment if you really did liked it.

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