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Pyar ki ek kahaani: twinj episode 2

If hope you all liked ff if u want to then only I will continue my ff
Let’s begin

Episode 2
At evening royal hotel
Kunj and Alisha are sitting in the hotel enjoying their romantic candle light dinner
Alisha:thank you baby for making this evening so special..
Kunj:anything for u my love
Alisha:when u will talk about our relationship to your mom?we r dating each other since 3 years I think its tym to give our relationship a name
Kunj: I know Japan but what to do first of all my mom doesn’t like that you know and I m afraid of loosing my mom
Alisha:so u always think about your family’s happiness n wt abt me??
Kunj:plz Alisha try to understand


Alisha:no kunj u have to confirm ur mom and that too within two days OK..
Kunj:k I will try my level best
At taneja mansion
At twi room

Twi is sitting on bed n busy in reading her novel.levels comes to her room and sits beside her
Twi:oh maa u here?did u had any work?
Leela:ha put tar I wanted to talk something imp abt ur life
Twi gets confused
Leela:I want u to get married n get settled in your life
Twi:oh maa how many times I have told u that I don’t want to get married!!
Leela:then u will alone lifelong?
Twi:who told I will stay alone?I will stay with u n meera maa
Leela:twi stop ur nonsense n listen to me
Twi:maa I knw within few days I will finish my degree but I want to do job..
Leela:who told no?u do job but after ur marriage
Twi:but Maa….leela cuts her off
Leela:no but I have seen a nice boy for u n tomorrow u r gng to meet them and that’s final
Twi nods her heads n leela smiles at her

At sarna mansion

Kunj enters his house n sees usha waiting for him
Kunj thinks to talk abt Alisha before he could speaks usha calls him
Uaha:kunj come here I want to talk something imp
Kunj:ha mom say
Usha:Ku I n ur dad has decided to get you married
Kunj gets shocked
Kunj:but maa I m not ready for marriage
Usha:I don’t want to listen anything
Kunj:but…usha cuts him off

Usha:its has been decided so tomorrow we r gng to see girl for u and that final
Kunj nods head n goes to his room
Screen freezes on kunj n twi sad faces

Precap:twi n kunj marriage proposal

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