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pyaar ki kahaani (KRPKAB) Ep-40

Hey guys! Sorry for the delay but i have my exams coming up so i cant post frequently. but i will try to post whenever i get time. By the way only 10 more episodes for me to complete my half century. Enough of my bak-bak. today’s episode:

Recap-Devakshi spend some thime with their child who was born after 5 hours of labour.


Sona-Nikki? Then our baby will be called some fancy name like Hazel or something like that.
Dev-then what name do you want? Mahalakshmi?
Sona-ew no. Something modern but traditional like Anushka.
Dev-yah Anushka is a nice name.
Yes guys, Dev and Sona had a baby girl.
Sona-toh Anushka final?
Dev opens the lock of the door.
Sona is holding Anushka in her arms. Dev is next to her looking at Anushka and Sona.
Sona-Dev are you happy that we had a baby girl?
Dev-Sona what are you saying? Of course I’m happy. Now I’m the only man in the whole house.
Sona-if we had a boy would you be happy?
Dev-I would but….
Dev-I wanted a girl. Just like you. Smart, Sweet, Caring, Responsible, Independent, Beautiful. I wanted all the qualities you have in our daughter.
Sona smiles. Sona keeps Anushka in the cradle and she starts crying.
Sona-Dev why is she crying?

Dev-how would I know? You are the mother you should know.
Sona-so what? Even you are the father you should know.
Dev-u know her better. She was with you 9 months before she came to me.
Ishwari comes there and sees them arguing.
Ishwari-offo. Will someone take care of my granddaughter?
Sona-maa now you tell me how will I know why she is crying?
Ishwari-I may know. And Dev Sona is becoming a mother for the first time. She will learn gradually.
Ishwari goes to Anushka. She realizes that Anushka is hungry.
Ishwari-Dev go out.
Dev-why maa?
Ishwari-just do as I say. Go out.
Dev goes out.
Sona-maa why did you send Dev out?

Ishwari-because you have to feed the baby.
Ishwari teaches Sona how to feed the baby. Sona feeds Anushka. Anushka falls asleep immediately. Sona kisses her forehead and keeps her in the cradle.
Ishwari-Sona beta I wanted to talk to you.
Sona-bolo na maa.
Ishwari-beta I just wanted to thank you for making me a grandparent. Whatever you had gone through and then Anushka happened….

Precap-Anushka looks innocently at Dev.

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