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Pride of the nation- A RagSan OS by Saanvi

Hi guys!! This is Saanvi and my second OS on RagSan..
Your comments are really valuable to me..So please don’t be silent readers this time ? Drop down your comments if you liked it ?

Hearty congratulations to P.V.Sindhu and Sakshi Malik for the Olympic medals. This OS is dedicated not only to the Olympians but also to all the sports persons..Their hardwork and dedication is worth applause 

Coming to the story:
Ragini Gadodia is a Indian Athlete (runner) of age 17years and Sahil Mehra who is a Indian Cricket player of age 18years are in a relationship since a year.
They met during their college days and gradually felt attracted to each other.
Ragini and Sahil meet to share their happiness.
Sahil: Finally my dream is coming true. I’m selected for under-19 cricket team .
Ragini: Even my dream is coming true. I’m selected for nationals.
Sahil laughs out loud and says: What will you get by that?
Ragini: It’s my passion Sahil. My dream is to represent India at the Olympics and make our country proud..
Sahil: No more jokes Ragini..I can’t laugh..

Ragini looks confused.
Sahil holds her arm and says: In our country only cricketers get appreciation..How much ever other sportspersons work hard they will not be recognized and you are talking about being proud, etc kind of things?
Ragini: I agree..But I want to set new standards..I want to break all those orthodox thoughts which people have regarding woman and other sports.
Sahil: Dreaming is good but chasing something that doesn’t exist is bad dear. Stop all this non-sense. And in your sport no one can earn a living too..I can make millions in my sport and we can have a happy life..If you are worried about popularity then people will definitely recognize you as wife of a great cricketer..Media will be behind you for interviews..
Before he completes he feels a tight slap on his cheek..Yes Ragini has slapped him hard..
Ragini: I will be a sensation in media but not as your wife. I will make my own name and will prove you that a woman don’t need a man’s name to be recognized..

Sahil: You slapped me? How arrogant you are!! I break all my ties with you..
Ragini: It’s self respect Mr.Sahil Mehra and for your kind information I broke up with you 15minutes ago when you insulted my sport.
Saying this Ragini leaves while Sahil thinks that she will regret for this act.

Ragini attends the national meet where she faces failure but Sahil scores a century and is awarded man of the match.
Sahil comes to meet Ragini and says 5years from now, I will be in Indian cricket team as a well established player whereas you will be end up marrying some poor fellow and regret your whole life.
Ragini is in tears while Sahil smirks and leaves from there.
Ragini doesn’t go to ground for practice nor speaks with anyone at home. She is lost in Sahil’s words and is in tears recalling their moments.
Ragini’s coach Prakash comes home to know why Ragini isn’t coming for practice.
Ragini’s mother informs him that she has locked herself in room and hasn’t been in contact with anyone from past 2days.
Prakash goes into her room and sees things thrown all around the room and swollen eyes of Ragini.
He comes near her and asks “What happened?”
Ragini doesn’t answer..
Prakash- If I hold even little place in your life then answer me..
Ragini tells him how Sahil insulted her and her failure is a proof of his words..
Prakash taps her head and laughs..She looks on with blank expression..
Prakash- Everyone criticizes for failure and credit for success but you should be unaffected by both of them. It is upto you to build a wall with the stones thrown at you or a road for your path..

Ragini: It is easy to say like that Sir..But no girl can prove herself..Even if she wants to then no one will support her..Why take someone else’s example..My dad, my family, relatives no one supports me.
Prakash: What about your coach?
Ragini stays there silent.
Prakash: You were a kid of 12 years when I first time saw you running on the field..I came to award the winner but I saw you as a achiever..From that day till now I think I supported you.
Ragini nods in a yes..
Prakash: Not everyone is blessed with talent. You are one among those millions who can set a trend..Think about it Ragini..I can say many more lines to inspire you but inspiration alone is not enough to succeed..You need to dedicate yourself for this sport..It is upto you to chose path for your life.

Next day Ragini goes to ground for practice but she is unable to focus..
Her coach gives her punishment of 100 sit-ups..Ragini does 82 and falls down..
Prakash gives her water and makes her sit..
Prakash- Success is just a inch away from failure Ragini..You have done 82 sit-ups..For a person in audience it is like just 18 more sit-ups and you would have completed the challenge but only you know how much efforts it took to complete those 82 first..
It is similar thing in sports too..People comment easily but the person who is doing it knows the pressure..

If you can’t handle people’s words then leave this sport dream and don’t come from tomorrow..
Saying so Prakash leaves but Ragini is lost in thoughts and sits there..
Next day by the time Prakash enters the field Ragini is already present..
He is surprised yet happy to see her there…
Ragini- Let’s start practice..
Prakash- Are you sure?
Ragini- Damm sure Sir…

She attends the nationals this time(a year has passed)..She runs with full focus and to everyone’s surprise she wins the sports meet and also breaks the previous national record..
Ragini gets happy and hugs her coach..But he smiles a little and says- “Lot more to achieve..Stay grounded.”
Ragini gets surprised by his reaction and asks him “Why are you reacting this way Sir..Aren’t you happy with my performance?”
Prakash- I’m happy but I don’t want you to become over-confident or proudish..
Ragini understands what he meant to say and nods in a yes..

Later she gets qualified and attends Asian games..She wins a gold medal..Immediately she gets a opportunity to participate in Commonwealth games followed by 4days..Her coach denies but Ragini requests him to allow her to attend it to which he reluctantly agrees..
Ragini attends it and during the run she collapses at the finish line..Although she touches the line second and is awarded a silver medal the doctors declare that she tired her body very much and also has a bone fracture due to which she should take complete bed rest.
Knowing a player has collapsed at the event other sports players come to see her. During that Sanskar also comes to see Ragini.
Sanskar- Hi..I’m Sanskar Maheshwari..10metre rifle shooter..
Ragini- Nice to meet you..Heard you have awarded gold..
Sanskar- Yes..but it wasn’t tough this time to earn that medal..
Takes a deep breath and says “Well your silver medal is more worth than my gold. You did a splendid job!”
Ragini- I’m bedridden but that doesn’t mean you give false complement..
Sanskar- Talent and hardwork shouldn’t be measured by the medal color Miss.Ragini…
Ragini gets amazed by his reply..Sanskar handovers a bouquet and get well soon card..

She takes rest for 3months..Later it becomes difficult for Ragini to cope up with the speed she used to run in the past because of the break she has taken..
Ragini takes it as a challenge and runs for extra hours in early morning so that her practice in evenings become easier..
In that way she just focuses on running faster because she feels her pace has slowed down due to her injuries..
One fine day her coach notices that she has equaled the world record..Ragini asks for her timing to which her coach lies and says-“ You are slow..Increase your speed.”

Prakash POV:
If I tell her about this she may get overconfident..I should let her maintain this speed so that she bangs a gold medal at the Olympics..
Ragini gets qualified for the Olympics.. Her mother mortgage some land and also sells her jewellery and arranges money so that Ragini can afford the expenses for the training, food, etc. Ragini gets more determined to bring a medal home so that she can see happiness in her mother’s eyes..
Prakash asks if she can manage multiple events like 100m,200m,etc but Ragini assures him saying- The more events I participate our chances of winning is more..I hope I get a medal in any one event.

The much awaited Olympics arrives..Ragini is pretty much excited as it is her first Olympics..She gets shocked to know that Sanskar Maheshwari is flag bearer..She asks her coach the reason behind it to which Prakash replies that he has scored silver medal in Olympics the previous time.
Ragini gets overwhelmed thinking that a Olympian came to meet her when she was unwell..
Ragini attends all the events with determination and to everyone’s surprise she bangs 3gold medals in 3events namely 100m, 200m, 400m run..She has also broken the world record in 100m run..
Now She became a sensation in media..At the ending ceremony, in a interview she says- “These medals are dedicated to my coach and parents.”
Ragini and other Olympians return India..She is welcomed with grand celebrations..Many state governments and Central governments announce various cash rewards to her..
President invites her to attend a gathering where he would like to reward the Olympians who brought home medals..
Sanskar Maheshwari gets applauded first as he has opened the account of medals for India that too with a gold..
Later Ragini and 2other players get rewarded who scored a bronze each at the Olympics..
The press meet starts and media start posing questions..
Reporter- How does it feel to turn silver into gold this time Mr.Sanskar?
Sanskar-Feels great..But I have to thank god as my hardwork paid off..
Reporter-Do you feel bad that although you brought home a Olympic gold medal you are reward is less in terms of cash prize??
Sanskar- Money can be earned through many ways..I have not chosen sports for it..Indian national flag being displayed in the Olympics because of you is a lifetime achievement for any sportsperson..and I achieved that twice..I’m contented with it..Prize money doesn’t matter..
Many more questions are posed to which Sanskar answers with a smile not leading to any misconceptions and finishes the interview in a calm way..

Later Ragini’s interview starts..
Reporter- How does it feel to be the first woman to score a gold medal for India in Olympics?
Ragini- Feeling very happy..In fact it was my first Olympics and first medal..Well there are many first things related to this Olympics (chuckles)

Reporter- That’s true..You are the first Asian woman to score 3 gold medals and also to set a world record at this age?
Ragini- This record would have been set long back if girls are given exposure to sports in India..
Reporter- Don’t you think it’s a controversial topic?
Ragini- Definitely not..There are still people in India who think beta ney sar uncha kar diya aur beti ney naak chatva diya..
Reporter- So you are a feminist?
Ragini smiles and says- No..But I just wanted to convey that from Jhansi Lakshmi bhai to Mary kom, women have proved that their place is not just kitchen but still suppression is going on..Which I’m seriously opposing..

Reporter- That is called feminism Madam!!
Ragini- Okay..Name it that way. I just want to make one point clear..When men can become chefs and are allowed into kitchen then why not women into sports..Think about it India..There are many more achievers like Ragini Gadodia but they did a little encouragement from parents..
Another Reporter says- Don’t you think success is making you speak more?
Ragini- No one listens to a failure person.. I had to bear so many taunts of the society but I was fortunate enough to achieve this success in spite of the negativity..I don’t want the future generation talent to be suppressed on gender bias.
Another Reporter says- So you mean only female sports persons are being suppressed in our country..
Ragini- Not at all..I’m just requesting parents in India to equally give a chance even to girl child to chose sports like in other countries..I’m not blaming the system..
India is definitely a nation we are proud to be in regardless of its flaws..
Saying so Ragini ends the interview..
Ragini pays off all the debts and frees the land which her mom has mortgaged and buys new jewellery for her mom..

After a couple of days Sanskar comes to Ragini’s home to meet her..
Ragini- Good to see you but why this sudden visit?
Sanskar- I have to speak to you in personal..
RagSan go to Ragini’s room..
Sanskar- I’ll speak to the point..
I don’t how this happened but I have developed feelings for you..I want to marry you..
Ragini- What else? (in a casual manner)
Sanskar- If you agree then my parents will talk to your parents and fix this alliance..
Sanskar gets irked by her expressions and holds her arm- Do you think I’m kidding..
Sanskar gets shocked while Ragini continues saying- After I won the medals many proposals came in..I wonder where all these people were during my struggling days..
Sanskar- Do you think I proposed you due to your success?
Ragini- Of course..Otherwise what would be a reason where a two time Olympic medalist and many championships winner will come to my home and propose me?
Sanskar- It is because I want my daughter to be like you..A fighter for her rights and a patriot for our country..
Ragini gets teary eyed listening to his reply but soon composes herself..
Ragini- Inspirational quotes last only for some time in brain..And for popularity people will forget Ragini Gadodia if she doesn’t bring medal for the country next time..Even you are a sports person you must be knowing how difficult it is to maintain consistency..
Sanskar- Neither Ragini nor Sanskar has done this for popularity..This is for making our country proud before other nations..

Ragini gets impressed by each n every reply of Sanskar but controls from expressing her feelings..
Ragini- And the money I was rewarded..
Before she could continue Sanskar cuts her words and says- You have used 25% of that money and spent 75% on providing facilities for athletes who are poor and cannot afford the necessities..
Ragini (shocked)- How did you know?
Sanskar- I know as you even spent cash rewards of Commonwealth games for the same purpose..
Ragini- You were watching my activities?
Sanskar- Correction dear!! I was watching only you..I fell in love with you when I first met you..
Ragini- Then why didn’t you tell me?
Sanskar- I didn’t want to disturb your Olympic dreams and your focus on the game..Love should be like a support system not a medium for destroying..
Ragini bursts into tears and hugs him tightly..Sanskar also reciprocates..
Few minutes later
Ragini- I would agree for this relation only if my coach Prakash approves for this..He is like a fatherly figure to me..
Sanskar- He already agreed..
Ragini opens her eyes wide and is astonished..

Sanskar smiles and says- I know what matters to you in life..So I already met Prakash Sir and told about my love and convinced him that your career will be unaffected..So he happily agreed..

RagSan get married after a month..After their marriage Ragini enters Sanskar’s home and is shocked..She sees a lavish villa with Sanskar’s family photos here and there..
Later in their bedroom Ragini asks him- “What is all this? You are rich and you hid this fact from me?”
Sanskar- Because I don’t expect this wealth to be mine…
Ragini- But I saw the name plate as Maheshwari Mansion and you are one of them right? (Innocently)
Sanskar laughs and says- I didn’t want anyone to know this but since you are my better half..I have to reveal this to you?
Ragini (curiously)- What?
Sanskar- I own a property of 100crores..My dad wanted me to join business and make it double but I was interested to be a sportsman..

Ragini- Now I understand why you excel in your sport..You don’t have any tensions and everything is at your service 24*7..
Sanskar (sadly)- That’s not true..I didn’t get any support from my parents in fact they threw me out of the house and challenged my progress..
My bestfriend’s parents are in army..They supported me and paid all my expenses and in my success they felt like their own son succeeded..

I went on to Olympics and scored a silver..I dedicated it to them..Many called up my parents and congratulated them..Then my dad realized that crores aren’t worth before nation’s pride..
I didn’t want to return home but my mom’s health weakened and I had to return for her happiness..But still I respect my friend’s parents more than my own parents..
That’s why I’m unsure about inheriting this property..I don’t know if ours kid can enjoy this luxury..I can only afford a middle class life for you and our children..Since I accepted central government job offer..
Ragini- I’m proud of you..You proved that without hard work achievement is not possible..
Sanskar- Yes..Without hard work even kids are not born..(gives a naughty smile)
Ragini blushes and says- You feel like joking even in this serious talks..
Sanskar- Life thought me to smile..What to do..(He winks)
Ragini- I don’t want kids now..I have world championship next year..
Sanskar smiles and says- As you wish..

Sanskar and Ragini continue their career in respective sports while Sanskar faces failure but Ragini goes on to set world records..
Many gossips start that Sanskar Maheshwari has lost his focus due to his wife..Some media even published news that to support Ragini’s feminism point Sanskar is losing in his life..
Sanskar gets really depressed by these thoughts but Ragini supports him..
One day Ragini says- I decided to get settled.. I want our kids Sanskar..
Sanskar- But last month you said we’ll plan our kids after 5 years..What happened now?
Ragini- I attended my friend’s marriage and I saw cute little kids in hands of couples..So I decided even I want a child..
Sanskar (angrily) – How much ever strong reasons you may state but I know it is because you don’t want me to be labeled a failure because of you.
Ragini lowers her head..
Sanskar calms down and says- If you quit athletics when you are in peak stage people will say that Sanskar Maheshwari has made his wife leave sports because of his male ego.
Ragini- That’s not true Sanskar..You are not reason for it..
Sanskar- Exactly!! Only you and me know what the truth is..People will say anything darling..We should be unaffected by their words and just focus on our work..
I had multiple injuries in my body last year and that is the result of my failure..I’m trying not to get demotivated by them..But you are blaming yourself for everything..I know you have no hand in my failure…
Sanskar kisses Ragini’s forhead and says- So stop all this and concentrate on your next championship in England.
Ragini rests her head on Sanskar’s chest and says “You are the best husband a woman can have!”

Ragini goes to England for a athletic event and comes face to face with Sahil Mehra in the hotel where she was given stay..
Everyone present in the hotel rush for her autograph but they don’t care about Sahil who was standing there…
After some time Ragini goes near Sahil but before she could speak Sahil blurts out..
Sahil- I know you want to taunt me that you are successful and earned millions while I’m struggling to get a place in Indian team..
I know time has proved me wrong and your statement has come true..
Ragini smiles and says- Success is not permanent Sahil and I’m not a kid to show childish behavior by taunting you..
I wanted to thank you that your insult has brought fire in me and I’m in this place today..
Sahil- I’m sorry…How are you?
Ragini- I’m married..Hope you know that?
Sahil nods in a yes..
Ragini- My husband Sanskar keeps me happy and my sport is keeping me fit..So yes life is going really good and I don’t regret anything..
Saying so she leaves..Ragini earns a gold at this championship too..

Next Olympics arrives..As usual Ragini gives in a splendid performance and has kept her record of 3gold medals this time too..
But surprisingly Sanskar Maheshwari who didn’t win any medals in championships or Asian games has banged a gold medal in 10m rifle shooting and a silver medal in 50m shooting in Olympics.
Like always the successful people are interviewed..
Reporter- You scored a Hat trick by 3 consecutive medals at Olympics.
Sanskar- God has been kind to me and I could achieve such success.
Reporter- Sanskar and Ragini brought medals in last Olympics too but this time they are a married couple..So how do you describe your wife’s success and each other’s contribution in acquiring these medals??
Sanskar- Many stated my wife to be responsible for my failure but now when I succeeded and brought home two medals..People are saying like always Sanskar maheshwari has showed his charm..
Reporter- Are you defending your wife and replying for those comments?
Sanskar- I’m just reminding people a simple thing.. There is a saying that there is a woman behind every successful man but there is no saying that a woman is responsible for failure of man..
So stop criticizing woman for everything..Even clinically it is proven that a male is responsible for the gender of child but still people blame a woman for giving birth to a girl child..
I just want such orthodox thoughts to be driven away from my nation and we place a better India with good morals for our future generation..
Sanskar has closed the mouths of reporters with his answers..
Now the media has also agreed into Sanskar’s POV and has spread the importance of equality among men and woman.

In home RagSan are watching this and at a time they say- “We achieved it..We have set new trend.”
Thus a cute love story with understanding life partners has made nation proud.

It took total 4days to complete this OS..I hope you will understand my efforts and will not feel like I gave a lecture by such long story but will instead like my story!

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