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Preekar…..a realisation of love….part 6

Hello friends!
I know the name suggests that this ff is for preekar but not its for both the pairs…I used preekar name as I love they are my fav.
Recap: Preeti and pushkar confess their love for each other and Preeti tells her desire to get proposed officially…pushkar propose her in hospital. Sumo met with accident. Sharvan speaks out his heart after seeing sumo in that state. Sharvan confession comes out as shock for both the families. Nanu is happy with their relation so as our preekar. Ramnath is tensed and confused in his own feelings. Kamini doesn’t want to lose the wealth and status of manhotra’s and is against this relation…fills ramnath’s ears against Tiwari family. Sharvan and his father conversation which makes Ramnath realise that may be he is wrong about Sumo.

Tiwari family at hospital…Sumo regains conscious and find her family near her. Nanu asks about her well being. She nods to tell that she is fine now. Just then mama ji arrives with doctor. Doctor checks sumo and assures Tiwari family that she is out of danger now but has broken her leg so they have to do plaster…apart from that she has small injuries and need to rest for small period. nanu ask everyone bablu fufa ji to take preeti to home, she had not taken sleep last night and ask mami ji and masi to go home and prepare food for sumo. Sumo asks mama ji to go to PCT workers and ask them to manage PCT for some days. Sumo also asks nanu to go and rest as she is fine now but nanu said he wants to talk to her. After everybody goes,
Nanu: from when you start keeping secrets from me?
S: Secret..what secret?


N: so will you not tell me now also?
S: I don’t understand what you were talking nanu?
N: ok.
Sumo stares nanu with a blank look.
N: yesterday, after your accident sharvan bring you here.
S: yes…I remember…I saw him before that car hits me..
N: do you remember only this?
S: Nanu why you are talking in puzzles? Say it clearly na…
N: ok…but first let me ask you a question?
S: yes..
N: what you think about Sharvan?
S: Nanu what type of question is this?

N: Answer me.
S: He is a nice lawyer and above that he is a great human.
N: Do you like him?
S: yes nanu…afterall he is my friend.
N: no I am asking as life partner..
Sumo is taken back by what nanu said.

N: yes, you heard it right…do you like sharvan as your future life partner? Or I would ask do you love him?
Sumo is just completely lost of words. She is not able to say anything.
N: actually tomorrow we came to know that Sharvan loves. He confesses in front of us. But I wanted to know that what you think about him?
S: Nanu…vo…vo…

She is blushing and her red checks are speaking what she can’t.
Just then Sharvan and Ramnath enter. Sharvan is looking towards Suman and thinking that today he will confess his love and complete their love story which left uncompleted 10 years before. Sumo is also looking towards Sharvan trying to ask him why he did so…the moment for which she waited her whole life…she didn’t saw that…why he confess his love when she can’t hear those words.
Ramnath coughs to interrupt the two. He greets Tiwari ji and ask about Suman’s health. Suman nods in agreement that she is fine. Ramnath ask sharvan to drop Tiwari ji at home by the time he is here with Suman.
SH.: but papa..
R: please go beta…I need to talk to Suman.
SH: ok

Sharvan left with nanu.
R: Suman how are you feeling now?
S: much better (Suman is little conscious as she remembers nirmala’s incident)
R: I wanted to tell you something important first listen to me carefully.
Sumo needs in agreement.

R: Actually I was very annoyed with you after that nirmala’s episode.
Sumo tries to intervene him but he stops him and says let me complete myself.
R: that lady doesn’t show her face to us after she left, her sudden come back make me insecure about sharvan, though sharvan never refuse my talk but she is her mother. And a child can never forget her mother. I know she still affects my sharvan. I don’t want that he will get hurt after seeing her. so I asked him to go banglore for a case but at the same night he came to meet you and you make me face nirmala which offended me. I feel she will take my son from me and he is the only wealth of mine. I was so insecure that I forget the difference between right and wrong. Above all I got to know that you think that I am guilty for Nirmala’s leave but this is not the case trust me or not but its truth. So I decided that I’ll create differences between you and sharvan. So that I can keep my son away from you. But trust me I have no knowledge about sharvan’s feelings for you. If I know about it I’ll never do such kind of thing. I am sorry.
S: it’s ok uncle. But I’ll just say that every coin has two sides may be nirmala aunty also had some points.

R: what you want to say? That I didn’t try to understand her point. No suman it is not so. I tried. Not only my son that lady still affects me also. I still love her and that is the only reason that I never thought of moving on in life.
Suman first time realises the soft and emotional side of Ramnath. Nobody has ever seen such an emotional Ramnath. This made Suman thinks that it’s not Ramnath. It’s something else and may be someone else who is responsible for this misunderstanding.
Ramnath tries to control her tears and diverts the topic.
R: leave that I just want to say that….I am responsible for your PCT. Sharvan don’t know anything about that.

This brings Suman the biggest shock. Her dream her passion…and all her problems are just because of this man.

R: I am sorry…even I am guilty what I did…not because Sharvan loves you but I did wrong with a girls who has nothing to do with me. You never harm us but I did. This is my mistake and I’ll apologies to you. Now rest is upto you….if you want to tell all this to Tiwari ji and Sharvan you can….i know I am wrong and I am ready to remorse. I just have a request don’t punish my son for my mistake. Please accept his love…he really loves you. If you don’t accept him he will just break and I can’t see him in that state. I know how much painful is…an incomplete love story?
Suman realises that ramnath is a great father and what he did is just the heat of moment nothing else. She requests him not say sorry…she can completely understand his point. She also said that neither she nor him will ever discuss this thing with anyone as this small thing can create differences between two families and between father and son.
Ramnath realises how wrong he was about suman? He blessed her and wished she will come to his home soon.

Kamini is in hospital and outside the Suman’s ward and listening what all Ramnath said to Suman. She is very bad mood and immediately leaves the place without telling anyone.

Precap: Suman and Sharvan awkward moment.

Do tell me how you like this part?

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