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Power in love (swaragini) Episode 17

Hey rockng frndzzz…how r u all ???hope everyone iz f9..!!! Thnku so much for ur precious commentsss…

recap-truth revealed..

lets start episode 17…

Sameer breakdown n falls on d floor..
Sanky runs towards him n kneels down beside him..
Sam sees him wid moist eyes..n abruptly hugged sanky..n burst into tears….
Sam-bhai maaf kr de(bro!plz forgive me)..i know i have done a big big bigggg mistake by not trusting u,i dont deserve u sanskaar ..i really dont deserve u…since soo long i had nly insulted u …i m a black spot in name of friendship..i didnt trusted u bro,i ddnt trusted u..u r always beside me everytime n me fool i havnt trusted u…
(den he broke d hug n started slappng himself harshly n says in trembling voice) i m sry i m sry.
sanky couldnt resist it n he holds sameer’s hand n hugged him tightly…
Sanky-nahi bhai(no bro)its nt ur mistake..its jst d destiny,plz dnt blame urself ..plz…
Sameer cries his heart out …
Everyone present dere bcomes emotional..
Sanky sees everyone n signs dem to come..all goes towards him n had a group hug..(yippeee all d members r united ?)
Rags ws watching dis n den she sees arsaan(kunj) going out from dere…she runs towards him n holds his hand..
Rag-thnku sooo much arsaan,today u have united two brothers..thanks a lotzz
Arsaan-its all bcoz of u nly…u nly found about d truth…
Rag-but how u got to know about it??i havnt told it to nyone except swalak!!
Arsaan-actually wen u were talkng to alekh ,i have heart it..n den goes to sashree n confirmed about it…n den wen i saw laksh wid all d grp. Members,i thought dat u all r tryng to reveal d truth n so i followed laksh ..n i know dat sameer wont believe it so easily dats y i brought sashree also here..
Rag-bt y have u helped us??willingly or unwillingly its against ur dad nly na..
Arsaan-hmmm i know..bt i love u n i cnt see u in pain..i know u consider sameer as ur brother n sanky as ur bst frnd ,n u would get hurt if dey dnt patch up..so i hve done all dis..
Rags bends her head,
Arsaan left d place. Den rags goes towards sanky..

Sameer calls mann n geet n says i have also hurted u both..plz forgive me..bcoz of me nly u bth r separated..i m really sry (he folds his hand in front of bth) geet holds hs hand n says bhai n mann hugged him followed by geet..

rags comes dere n says-okay okayyy dats it…now enough of all dese “rona-dhona”.guyzzz v r 21st century people so stop all dese retro sentimental drama n letssss have partyy!!
Laksh-partyy!!bt for wt??
Rags-buddhu!duffer!idiot!! Samsan r now united n u r still askng for reason to party…
Laksh-oh sry sry (n he pouts lyk a child)
Everyone laughs at his antics..

Party [email protected] thec…

all d members goes inside n start enjoyng demselves..
avni goes to sam n says-i m very happy for u..
Sam-thnku avni..
She turns to goes bt sam calls her name.
Avni -hmm sameer.
Sam-i wanna tell u smthng..
Avni-yeah go on
Sam-woooo…not today ,someday else..
Avni smiles n says-okay ..n leaves from dere.
Sanky comes n teases sameer …n bth burst into laughter..

on other side.
Mann n geet r dancing n enjoyng demselves into eo embrace…

abhay goes to piya n says-hey!junglibilli see all d grp. Members r united now..so wt do u think about us..
Piya wid shock expression sees him n says-oye raavan!about us meanss??
Abhay-arey!nthng lyk dat…jst as frndzz..so would u lyyk to do “frandssssppp” wid me.
Piya laughs a bit n says-okay frndzzz..
Both smiles to eo.

Nupur n mayank(love birds) r dancing romantically n r lost in eo..

sanky takes swara somewhere n told laksh to take care of rags ..
Laksh nods..n goes to ragini.

Laksh-u did it!u united sameer n sanky ..
Rags-not me bt we did it..
Suddenly she started coughing..
A waiter is passing by dem ,rags takes d drink from waiter as she thought it to b water n before laksh could stop her she gulped it in one go…
Laksh-oh shit!!wt have u done…r u okay …ragini…
Rag-laksh..u r one na den y is it lookng lyk u r 4…
Laksh-oh god..now how wl i handle dis drunken lioness.??
Rags tries to get up bt falls n laksh saves her
…she smilesss childhislyy n den runs outside d disco thec..laksh runs behind her bt cant able to catch her..

Now bth r on road..
Laksh-ragini stopp..
Rag-no lakshh..i wanna njoyyy my lyff todayy… she startsss singing n dancing on d road n laksh is tryng to stop her..
(Rag)zara Sa Jhoom Loon Main
(Laksh)Arre Na Re Na Re Na
(R)Zara Sa Ghoom Loon Main
(L)Arre Na Re Na Re Na
(R)Aa Tujhe Choom Loon Main[she tries to kiss him](L)Arre Na Re Na Baba Na
(R)Main Chali
Banke Hawa
(L)Rabba Mere
Mainu Bacha

Zara Sa Jhoom Loon Main
Arre Na Re Na Re Na
Zara Sa Ghoom Loon Main
Arre Na Re Na Re Na
Aa Tujhe Choom Loon Main
Arre Na Re Na Baba Na
Main Chali
Banke Hawa(she starts using her power n throws fire here n dere)
Rabba Mere
Mainu Bacha(laksh holds her tightly n shakes his head in disbelief)
Laksh(strictly)-stopppp ittt!!!
Rags blinks her eyes n poutss..
Laksh melts by her antics n says-ragini listen v cnt use our powers in public place ..here humans r also present ..so ..
Before he could finish his so called lecture rags faints upon him..
He holds her n carry her in his arms n put inside d car n drove til MM..
he goes inside rags room n put her in her bed ,covered her wid blanket n removes her sandels..
As he turns to leave ,rags holds his little finger.he turned n saw her eyes r closed nly ..he stares her angelic face for sometime n den goes near her ears whispers I LOVE U MIRCHI n den saw her pinkish lips n kissed it softlyy… a smile comes upon her face n she cuddles into herself ..laksh sees dis n smiles …den he entangled his finger from hers n goes to his room…

Precap-bua maa’s entry n ragini decision.

Wid lotzzz of love fairy……

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